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May 31, 2009
I am new here to Intervoices, but would like to welcome all of you warmly. :) I hope some of us will get to be great friends, and others more still will help us to understand each other and realize how to use our voices positively. Mine have always been positive, more or less. It does have to do with how you feel about yourself and how you relate to them individually.

In my experience, I have thought my "voices" to be many things, but above all, I have not been able to label them accurately, except by the names that were "given" to me, or rather, that perhaps I came up with. By default, I will call the voices spirit guides but this in no way limits the experience. I have Mejink, Genesis, and what I consider to be a sort of "transitional" entity, Jack Marque. I invite you to tell your personal stories here, however, I am not interested in "recovery".

I am more interested in, people like me, who have had at least one voice who has always been positive and supportive, and people who have talked with and used these voices to aid them in their spiritual lives, or to help them in their real life, or who has a vision for the future that they feel the "spirit" is trying to help and guide them in the direction of. I believe these voices are part of myself, and yet also represent something separate in the way that it is connected to the larger Whole; also, that these "spirits" will show themselves to us in the way that comforts us the most, leaving much up to our own intellectual and artistic creations. This does not mean they are not real; rather that their representations to us can help us and influence us more, and also in themselves be part of the message.

Until I learned to speak directly and communicate fully consciously with my guides, they often communicated to me in complex puzzles which came out like picture riddles, but I realized later were actually simple and yet cleverly designed metaphors and allegories that at times have been prophetic. Since I have acknowledged that this is not something to be ashamed of and also that I am not so different in the big picture of where life is heading, I have had stronger visualizations, clearer messaged and directions, and a forever-evolving relationship with the spirit I call Mejink and the spirit that is Genesis.

If you have had an evolving relationship and/or intense and positively guiding experiences, please, I would love if you would share. :)

I will share my story more in full later, however, it is quite long, as this started when I was age 11 and that was almost ten years ago. The first seven years are where the most sensational parts of my story occur, yet the past year (well, less than a year), have been extremely beneficial, progressive, and more incredible than I ever could have imagined. I also know these spirits are somewhat guiding me from outside myself because they show and explain to me things there is no way I had of knowing! Other abilities of mine are beginning to become "unlocked" as well. It's been a long journey! And, my friends, I hope there will be many more for myself, and for each of us... Stay connected, act with Love, and Be True To Yourself! Everything you feel you have a right to feel and can help you grow immensely... :)


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