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Mar 20, 2015
Hi everyone. I'm Jason, from Yorkshire. I'm a drummer in a metal band, love walking and also spend a lot of time at the gym. oh, and I'm studying chemistry too.
I lost my beautiful 18 year old fiancée, Grace, in a tragic accident last year. As you can probably imagine, this has had a huge impact on my mind- the life I had planned was suddenly taken right away from me. The things I used to love, I don't any more. The things I used to be able to do, I can't any more.
On top of this, because of national press coverage of the accident, I found myself the target of some people that had never met me, but thought they could put the blame on me for the accident, and in one case, threaten to kill me. Last week, I received a message from someone blaming me for how it happened, which triggered me to make this response-



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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum.
I'm really sorry to hear not only of your tragic loss, but of the appalling way in which you have been treated by some pathetic individuals. :hug1:
I really don't have the words to express how disgusted I am by people who leave abusive and cruel messages to strangers over the internet. It is cowardly and vile.
Anyway, this forum is generally a really supportive and safe place to be. I hope you find it helpful being a member here.
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