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Hello! Second post. Probably should've introduced myself first...



Jul 4, 2021
United States
Well, I'm a recovering alcoholic(9 months sober), my mother suffers from schizophrenia, my father is emotionally numb, and I believe my little brother has some sort of undiagnosed spectrum disorder. I stumbled upon this forum searching for answers via google. Been reading older posts about issues related to my current situation and have found it kind of both comforting and interesting. It's pretty long winded, but heres a link to my first post, located in the "getting your life back!" section. a toxic relationship, a pill pushing doctor and alcoholism. 38 years old and lost in life.

Going through some rough times, but hopefully I can find some advice or at the very least some kind words. its nice to get some things off my chest regardless though. Thanks Folks!

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