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Hello, new & need advice



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Apr 30, 2009
Hi, i'm a 37 year old mother of two boys. A 16 year old with Aspergers and OCD & a 15 year old with depression & anxiety taking prozac. My partner of 11 years suffers from depression and has been taking venlafaxine 150mg since last Sept. My partner has attempted suicide a few times in the past as cries for help but on Sunday was stopped by police from making a very definite attempt of gasing himself with a petrol generator in the back of his van. He ended up being sectioned under mental health 136 and sent to local mental health hospital where he was uncooperative to say the least and resulted in him being sent to an alpha hospital. According to staff he seems to be more settled here. He has been classed as a section 2 which means they can hold him for 28 days and depending on his conduct could be raised to section 3 which means he can be held for 6-12 months. He is refusing to speak/see his sister or myself (the only adults who he has really) I would love some info about section 136, section 2 & 3 of it, also alpha hospitals??? Haven't got a clue about any of it. The hospital says that if he does well on his meds which he started yesterday (yet to find out which ones) he could be out in a couple of weeks, but must stay in touch with certain doctors. Thanks for any help X


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Apr 30, 2009
Thank you very much for that X


Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I am so sorry that you and your family are facing the difficulties that you are at the moment. I hope you don't mind but I sought the advice of my husband, and I am giving some advice from myself - my husband being my carer and myself having been under a section.

As far as information on sections is concerned my husband got alot of information from MIND, specifically this link regarding sections when I was sectioned myself:


I do not know myself alot about Alpha Hospitals but if this is what you are referring to then there is a link to their website that might offer you some information:


But best to check that this is the hospital your partner is in.

With regards to my situation there was very little information on the internet about the hospital I was in, but my husband gathered alot of information by calling the hospital himself and when visiting, meeting the staff himself. In his experience he was able to get some information about the general facilities offered and potential treatment by calling them, although they may not have given him specific details, they were generally happy to give him general information. He was more able to get specific details when he was regarded as my next of kin and i was agreeable for him to have that information.

With regards to your partner not allowing visits ect, at this stage i would not take this personally. When I was first sectioned I was so ashamed and scared that my family would shoulder some blame, and be exposed to things that they otherwise may have not been exposed to that I also refused visits, it was no indictment on the way I felt about him or my family. I was also not in the right frame of mind to reciprocate these visits so therefore did not want to subject them to/or have them seeing me in that state. I am not inferring that this may be how your partner is feeling, I am saying how it was for me. There may be many reasons that your partner does not want to see you or his sister, but it may not be neccessary for you or your sister to take it personally. What helped me (and of course I cannot speak for anyone else) was understanding. I could not have coped with anyone vindicating me for making that choice not to see anyone. As long as he knows that you care, perhaps by calling the hospital or writing letters, he will be informed of your calls and most likely will receive your correspondence, you are doing as much at this stage as he will allow. But over time I did allow visits, when I felt a bit better, I can't say that this is how he may feel, just give it time.

I know that this is a distressing time for you, but from my own experience things can change within a short space of time, at other times it may take longer. In the meantime please keep posting to this forum for help and support, there are some very kind people on this site with a wealth of knowledge, support and experience.

My thoughts are with you :hug:


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Apr 4, 2008
Hello Oblivious and welcome to the forum. This really is a very difficult time for you and your family. I hope you are able to get some support for yourself.


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Apr 30, 2009
Thank you all and Sapphire77 thank you for taking the time to tell me how you felt when you went through it yourself, it has helped me.
His sister and myself have decided to take a step back and leave him alone for a few days as he is still refusing visits and to talk on the phone. We're going to wait until his medication takes more of an affect. As from yesterday he is allowed out for an hour with an escort to the shops so they must feel that he has made some improvement.

Apparently there has been talk of him being released within a fortnight if he keeps taking his meds and improves. He has been talking to other patients now too. The trouble is we are finding that when we ring for updates we are regularly given conflicting details. One nurse will say he has eaten and been cooperative and another nurse will say he's still not eaten and not being cooperative. That can be a tad annoying and caused quite a bit of distress to us. In the first hospital he went to they rung his sister to say that he had smashed up his room in temper when he was told he wasn't allowed home and then later we were told that he had used his headboard to try to break the window to escape which is different although both are aggressive.

I will update when there is anymore news.

Thanks again X


May 2, 2009
Hi Oblivious

Welcome to the forum.

You're doing the right thing by joining a good supportive group like this. So you can get information, unload, or anything else you need to do. It looks like there have already been some great responses that will be of terrific help to you.

I won't pretend to know the answers in this extremely distressing time. I do want to say that caring for yourself throughout it is equally as important. I think you will get some of that care here too. :hug:
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