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May 17, 2019
Hi there, I am new and this is my first post. I am 58, have two grown up children and 8 grandchildren! I live alone and have scitzo-affective disorder, together with a number of medical issues. I have joined the forum to get to know other people who suffer with mental health problems. My Psychiatrist has a few days ago told me to stop taking a drug called Amisulpride as it was heavily sedating me and making me get up in the night really hungry and eat. I could not function on it and was really tired all the time. I am also taking Aripiprazole which is a good drug for me and suits me with no side effects. I have unfortunately had relapses every year for the last few years but am glad to say I am stable for the last few months! I am very overweight and am awaiting weight loss surgery to have the Gastric By-pass in about a years time. I am sad to say that the anti-psychotics, I blame for my huge weight gain over 18 years but I do find that Aripiprazole do not increase my appetite so that is good for me. Well that is enough about me for now. Thank you for reading this...…..PS I also suffer with anxiety and some panic situations.

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