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Hello need some help



New member
Mar 7, 2020
My wife is usually fine but she got real sad cause around christmas her mom went to hospital. She had been sad for almost a month then we got into a minor arguement about why she wouldnt talk to me about stuff then said maybe if she visited her mom she would feel better. Said she felt like she was in a bad head apace and not to talk about stuff till she left. She also said she felt she might be bipolar. After she left she now feels like she doesnt want to talk to me. Has a distorted view of are marriage even said we should get a divorce and maybe later we can try again. Her family are noticing she not acting the same seems stressed she talks to people that she didnt get along with now there best friends. She barely contacts me wont talk on phone or see me in person. I found out she told her sister she has been trapped in a prison marriage for 11 years. Says she cant wait to flirt with guys and be free. She only text me and its like 4 words max. She got a new job by her moms and says everyone is amazed how great she is doing at work. She barely sleeps and i am her worst enemy in the world ahe will talk to others but not too me. She did the same thing minus job in 2011 she left and wouldnt talk to me for like 4 months. Its like same thing she got real sad then just ups and takes off then comes back months later. It started jan 29 i think she was depressed before and now she is manic cause she is acting really different and her family doesnt understand why. Her sister is twisting her thoughts as well. It is now march 7th and she says we need to get a divorce cause she doesnt like ar marriage feels like its been tarnished. I told her i would move quit my job and we could be closer to her mom she says no to it all. I dont know if this is really her or if she is in a bipolar state. Everything was fine till here mom went to hospital. Now i am left wondering do i get the divorce shes telling me to or not. My dad says i better file first but i really dont want to if this isnt her really thoughts. But i also dont want her destroying everything. She never had any problems besides 2011 and now 2020. Not sure what to do?


Active member
Feb 24, 2020
You are in a very difficult position. I understand why you hesitate in making a decision.
I just hope that you will be able to sort something out.
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