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Hello, need some advice



New member
Jun 25, 2008
Midlands UK
Hi, I am 23 male and from the midlands (UK). I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME as well as minner depression and OCD. I am currently on no medication.

I have joined this forum because I have been having some unusual symptoms and I am hoping someone here may have heard of them.

The main thing that has been bothering me is seeing faces in patterns. This is hard for me to explain. It is kinda like when you look up at the clouds and see shapes but I am never intentialy doing this. These faces can appear anywhere (in pattern in carpet/fabrics/wallpaper/rocks even in patterns caused by light shining on celling (paint caused some bits to seem lighter). These faces are not human they are just eye(s) nose mouth made up from pattern. I am aware that they are not real yet I am starting to get concerned as I see them quite often. Usualy this happens after waking and in the evening (though it can happen anytime) and being tired/down can make it worse.

I also find I can easily misread text (think a word is a different word) and my eyes play tricks on me. For example I can see flashes of colours or think I just saw something out of the corner of my eye. This happens mainly in the evening a few hours before my usual bed time. I also get the feeling that someone is behind me (that feeling you get when someone is close to you) even though I know I am in an empty room (again this happens close to bed time and when tired/down).

Hope that was understandable but I am not good at explaining things to others. Sorry for a long introduction and my spelling.

I know I can not be diagnosed via the Internet and I am seeing my GP soon but before I go I thought it would be useful to get other peoples input so I can do some research before the apointment.


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Founding Member
Dec 18, 2007
Hello and :welcome: to MHF.
Hope your gp can get you on the right track for help & support.



hi joe22uk, hope u find the forum helpfull best wishes jd


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Founding Member
Mar 20, 2008
:welcome: to the forum Joe.

Anxiety can make symptoms seem worse,I would have a chat with your GP and take it from there,good luck with everything.


Jun 24, 2008

Hello Joe
I think it's normal to see faces in patterns etc. I do too but never feel concerned about it. I think it is because the mind is very creative and is always seeking out input from lots of sources.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes something more than this.

Also I often misread words and sometimes it is very amusing what I read in error!

These things may not be part of your overall condition at all but your doctor will help.


Hi Joe, I see faces in patterns and I'm always misreading stuff which is a bit of a bind sometimes but it's always worse when I'm stressed or tired. Talk it over with your GP for reassurance, keep coming back.
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