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Hello just joined today



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Mar 20, 2013

After a Dr appt today I am now trying to accept that I need help and promised the dr that I will consider going on antidepressants and getting some counselling.

I have had a really bad few years, I split with my husband just over 3yrs ago (because he was a liar and unfaithful) we have 3 young children together and I have struggled being on my own. I entered into a relationship last year which lasted 10mths because I found him being unfaithful!!!

When the relationship finished my husband (who I have not yet divorced) come creeping back (he has been in two relationships during our seperation), we talked and decided to try again. We got back together in December but he only stayed with me and my children at weekends and lives in the hotel he works at during the week.

To cut a long story short I become suspicious of him so started following him and he was never where he said he would be, I followed him to his ex girlfriends house one night (by the way this ex girlfriend has been a nightmare to be, she has some of my childrens toys, clothes, my husbands clothes and some of my furniture at her house, and she still has on her facebook that she is in a relationship with my husband and loads of pictures up of him and her) he said he went to her house to sort out getting our stuff back, so I forgave him but said he should have told me instead of lying. However the lies have carried on and its nearly driving me insane. I spend most of the day crying and wondering what he is up to and why he is lying to me and just cant pull myself together. I suffer from extremely high blood pressure which the dr is having trouble controlling.

Tonight my dr said she was extremely concerned about me and that I need to accept some help and wants me to think about it and see her next week.

I have an extremely low opinion of myself and have never been a confident person.

My husband really seems to screw with my head and my feelings. I didnt believe he was living at hotel during week so today I rang his boss who told me he doesn live there!! My husband knows I have been suspicious about where he lives but swore blind he lived in a room at the hotel. When I told him that I had rang his boss today, after about 2hrs of him still denying it at last I got a reply, he said he told them he moved out in Feb because he could not afford the rent but because he is the maintenance manager and has control on staff accomodation he sneeks into the room during nights to sleep there so he doesnt have to pay. He says he cant live with me during week because he contract states he has to be within a 15min timescale to get there as he is on call 24/7 and I live 40mins away from hotel.

I dont know what to do, what to beleive and said if he had just told me the truth from the start It wouldnt have sent me crazy with suspicion.

He is pissed off with me because I put a tracker in his car and on his phone and he said he hates being treated like a criminal on tag! If he had never lied to me about anything then I would not have done those things. He says I am crazy and need help.

So here I go, will try antidepressants, have tried them years ago when my dad died but to be honest and hand on heart they did absolutely nothing for me, so I am a bit sceptical about trying them again.

So in a nutshell that is my story.

Would love to know if antidepressants have actually turned anyones lives around and how long it took. I know it can take up to two months for them to get into your system but I need something possitive to motivate me to taking them.

Thank you for reading my story, there is a lot more to it!!


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Dec 9, 2012
Hi Ragdoll, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you've been having such a horrible time.

Anti-depressants do work for some people; I have a friend who had issues with depression and anxiety and being on anti-depressants did transform her life. Unfortunately for a lot of people they do not have that effect.It will certainly take a few weeks for them to start to work, although times vary depending on the tablets. Perhaps it's best to consider them as a temporary way to keep your head above water while you work things through. I think that therapy is a great idea for you and is the best thing to help with your confidence.

Good luck with whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll find lots of support here.


Hi ragdoll,

Welcome to the forums! :)

I hope you find the help and support you need here.

Please feel free to look around the forums and post when you feel ready. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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