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Hello is anyone out there?


Always There

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Mar 5, 2008
Hello Everyone,

Wondered if anyone can help me. I am doing a piece for my degree on depression and ways of dealing with it.

Im hoping that there would be someone out there that wouldn't mind talking with me about hard times and how you try and deal with depression - be it through antidepressants, talking in therapy or other alternative ways.

I have spoken to some doctors, psychiatrists and hypno-analysts who I can put you in touch with who each have their own remedies if that helps.
It will not take long and would be very helpful and you can remain anonymious if you like.

If you have time please contact me at [email protected]
Thank you,


Hi Martin

It's good that you're doing this piece - you've said why you're doing it but not where you're doing your degree or any of those details. I wouldn't email you or talk to you without wanting to know your credentials so to speak! We try to practice safety on the forum and so if you can publish some more details that would be good.

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