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hello, im schizoid



New member
Nov 29, 2009
my name is simon, im 29, i live in portsmouth
i thought that i may have aspergers, i got diagnosed and felt like a dick when they told me i had schizoid personality disorder. im now researching that a little more to find that i dont really feel all that good about it.
is there a group in the portsmouth area that meet and deal with this problem. i think that it is a major problem for me. i am still planning my suicide. i know that it may sound stupid to some, but for me it seems perfectly logical. i dont know what is goin on somtimes. i know that some people like being alone. i like being alone because i get less hassle. im hypersensitive, especially to abuse. im getting alot at work at the moment. i threatened to fight a guy at work who has a history of bad behaviour. i have union reps i can go to, they have threatened to cause alot of trouble for me should i complain to hr. but they will not sort out this problem, they say its normal. i want to try to get some kind of evidence to sort this out. with all the problems im having i dont see the point trying to earn a living, trying to put up with all the crap. i get alot of abuse from people in the street. i know its because of my emotionless expression. but i dont know how to change and dont really feel i should. i think that i may become more violent toward others. i live with my parents as moving out would be a real nightmare. i dont think that my current job will last. i have been there a year and a half now, thats one of the longest jobs ive had. i leave because of bullying. i got this job as an adult trainee, its a good opportunity for me. i dont want to leave. i can have good days when i dont really have to talk to anyone. but somedays like last thursday was a real nightmare for me. i dont know who to talk to. i find it hard to make decisions. does anybody else have this problem?
is there a group?
what are my rights at work?
should i tell my employers of my disorder?
please help!
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