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Hello I'm New Here:



New member
Nov 15, 2009
United Kingdon
Hello Everyone Im Ruby
& Im looking for some friends and people who understand how im feeling
and trying to cope with depression, i am 18 yyears old and on medication but i am coming off them in around 4 weeks and since ive been weened down to the lowest dosage i have been feeling awful and keep breaking down in tears, im depressed, fed up, comfort eating and im paranoid.
I have food issues, not bad and not an eating disorders but i am constantly trying to lose weight, its a constant battle for me as if i dont lose weight i get angry and upset and go comfort eat and then i feel awful even more and its a viscious circle, i did well with my diet but now im even more depressed i am finding it so hard and im terrified of going back up to my highest weight.

I used to selfharm and have stopped for over a year now but lately i have been pinching/bruising when im anxious and not really thinking about it, i dont want to go down that road again and my boyfriend doesnt understand and im trying to make friends at college, i am friends with most people but i am scared to confide in people but it makes me feel alot better when i talk about things even if im just having a rant.

people often think i am making excuses for not doing things but im not its just theres always something getting in my way.

I am a student but i have been a student before twice and dropped out because of my depression but now ive been doing great until i got my meds down to 10mg and now im scared i wont be able to cope with college.

quality factor

Hi there and :welcome: to the forum,
hope you find the forum friendly and supportive.



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Sep 1, 2009
:welcome: to the forums


Nov 17, 2009
you sound alot like me, and we're the same age. almost. i'm 19. if you ever need to talk, i'm here :) welcome.


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May 13, 2008
Hello Friday13 :) :welcome:

I am 18 too - so, just like summerstars, I'd like to let you know you're free to PM me if you ever need a chat :D

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
Think u should go c ur gp and tell them how ur feelin and strugglin at college maybe now isn,t the right time 2 come off ur meds but i,m no doctor u not got a counsellin service at college u should find out they maybe able 2 support u in some way


Hi roby, this issuch a friendly open place to have a chat and let off steam. Noone seems to judge you and if you feel family/partners/friends don't understand, pop on here and there's always someone to talk to. Lots of luck

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