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Hello. I have previously had psychiatric commitments….



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Oct 30, 2021
on both a involuntary and voluntary basis. My first experience with psychiatry was about 8 years ago. I began experiencing acute anxiety while I was a teacher, which persisted for about one year. The original experience I had of acute anxiety was followed by a subsequent involuntary civil commitment a few years later, which was followed by another voluntary commitment, which was followed by another commitment.

I’m 35 years old, and the majority of my support comes from my parents. From a standpoint of legal jeopardy, I seldomly used marijuana prior to my first experience with psychiatry, which was in 2013. I am not a drug abuser, nor I am involved in any actions that would have risen to a level of question beyond a local level in my opinion prior to 2013, which was my first experience with psychiatry. My subsequent actions were not an attempt to cause questions for the psychiatrist who originally diagnosed me with persecutorial delusions.

I questioned whether or not, when experiencing acute anxiety, a criminal element might have been at play, which wouldn’t necessarily have pertained to my actions, which could have been deemed cause for question.

At points, a legal gray area might have been perceived to have existed. I would not presume a legal gray area would have existed as of Spring 2021, however. I believe by that point, the proper legal channels would have placed the psychiatry within context. At that time, the persecutory delusions and other subsequent diagnoses would have, I believe, been labeled inaccurate.

However, no ultimate conclusion or correspondence has occurred, which might have been an assumption I was operating within, that would have clarified different acts that might have been deemed questionable and brought closure to my life.


Acute Anxiety, psychosis (2012-2013)———-Schizophrenia diagnosis (2015) ————Depression (2015-2017)———-Mental Anguish (2017-2020)———-Potential derivation of theory that explains the original psychosis, which would have prevented almost all of my experiences with psychiatry (2020-2021) ———Derivation of theory that could explain different experiences coincided Currently dealing with depression. Agitatiand aggravation.

The potential derivation of a theory that could have, ultimately, demonstrated my presumption about things being wrong that were not specifically pertaining to me is coincided by the suspicion of those around me. That isn’t written in an automatronic, way, which might suggest that I played part in a ruse, which is not accurate.

A lack of explanation because of a continuing investigation, at which point the ambiguity and lack of explanation becomes grounds for continual psychiatric angst given I am living at home off the support of my parents largely.

In context, I would presume my actions, beginning with seldom marijuana usage, would be considered within the framework of continuing psychological angst given the continual ambiguity of the interactions I do have.

I have sought legal representation, and I believe this, overall, would be deemed tortious. I was a high school teacher with test scores and a GPA that could have garnered admission to law school or dental school. Would the continuation be explicable? To a certain extent. An explanation in 2012-2013 might have resulted in admission to graduate school, though, which might be reasonably seen as a defense mechanism, but, in intent, I do not particularly enjoy this, nor have I enjoyed this. I would have preferred a more gradual life.

There are other mitigating factors that would be an aggravation that would predate college from a socialization standpoint. I do become agitated and aggravated. I smoked marijuana for the first time in about 9 years about 6 months ago. It does seem to result in a diminishment of my depression.

I do not believe another psychiatric commitment is the right way. However, I do experience certain psychological ramifications, which leads to anger. I have gained 30 pounds. Exercise is uncomfortable. I used to find enjoyment playing sports. However, I’m financially in a difficult position.


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Apr 6, 2017
I can't snack with my psych meds and I do easy youtube yoga. I was smart in highschool but lazy. I failed out of engineering. Have you thought of looking for free journals to read online. Like nursing journals or journals about psychology. Dost Ongur posts journals on his twitter page


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Jul 19, 2021
Pretty Good
Welcome to the forum, I hope that you can settle here as everyone is so helpful and caring.