Hello, here is a Poem for you all


James Elliott

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Mar 13, 2011

This is a poem (quite long sorry :redface:) I created not long after I stopped self harming. Please feel free to read it, dismiss it or use it. I find poetry helps sometimes - a good way to express your feelings or emotions... Anyway thanks!


Often right before the rise
there comes a mighty fall
A journey of discovery
you wonder and recall

Through times of heartache, feeling down
compressing clouds of doubt
You find yourself a mystery
with no-one else about

Yet the people who are close to you
support and guide and say:
"Happiness, it will come soon,
but patience is the way"

I guess that that's the answer
but contentment doesn't show
You're stuck in some huge, hollow space
just moving to and fro

This place acts as a temple,
an inner sanctuary
A place no-one can find you
but baron and lonely

Reality greats its victims then
with harsh and bitter lot
And life goes on regardless
your mind begins to rot

The sun beats down upon your brow
and nothing gives you shade
It seems for sure there's no escape
the light begins to wave

Then darkness creeps and overwhelms
the night gives way to pain
And yet again you're lying there
with vast amounts of shame

You seldom think of others
as you walk this gloomy road
Automatous non-existence
ensnared by fate's cruel mode

And so, it represents itself
a welcoming release
A form of letting out the pain
temporary peace

A physical reminder
of the hurt you feel inside
Another scar to deal with
the love you have denied

Yet after time you realise
behaviour such as this
Inflicts its pain on others too
and so you must desist

...Last verse: easier said than done...
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Dec 15, 2008
Welcome to the forum James - I read your poem and very good it is too - I feel the emotions welling up inside myself reading it.

I hope you find this a freindly place to be - if you need any help contact me or one of the other forum buddies (names in orange) who will be glad to assist if they can.

Take care

James Elliott

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Mar 13, 2011
Hi! Thanks, I wasn't sure whether to put it on here or not - didn't want to look/come across preachy or high and mighty! It seems like a great place to share experiences and get support, I only wish I'd have joined sooner!



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Feb 10, 2010
A city in a country.
I love this poem!
I agree the last verse is easier said than done!

I love writing poems although I haven't written any in a while.
I have posted some on here before.

Keep it up! :)

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