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Hello folks of MHF, I also am very confused... help?



New member
May 19, 2021
Hello every at Mental Health Forum,

I am new here, and I love helping people solve their own issues but I am one of those people who solve other peoples issues and never have a good answer to my owns haha. But I sympathize with people who genuinely suffers mentally, its one of those things people don't give a lot of attention as physical pain does in society. It's spoken here and there but its not really a solution other than to think the person is 'defective' in some sense, which is quite sad.

But anyways, I am confused to do in my situation... I am stuck with someone close, they are suffering from schizophrenia and are also, what I can tell from researching, a covert narcist perhaps... But I can't tell...

This person has problems in their mind and they would go on an episode of loud shouting for 5 to 10 minutes or so per day, maybe twice of that per day. The thing is, well.... I and others try to help them, but they refuse any other answer other than the answer they're looking for and the problem is we fundamentally disagree with their answers and they get angrier and hold grudges against us cuz they believe we are against them by virtue of disagreeing, and that's why I think this person is a narcist of some level. But the thing is I was taught to love people who are suffering mentally, be patient and kind to them, cuz I wouldn't understand what it feels like to walk in their mental shoes for a sec, which I completely agree... But, this case seems AND feel a bit different. You can have all the patience in the world but its 'spiritually draining' and also mentally taxing with this person... Its like a mental sparring match whenever I or someone else engages with them about topics bout the world or dating life and such, they would spew their own mental verbiage back to us... I learn to just be quiet and don't care anymore... But at the same time their episodes of screaming and their inner schizo is getting worse every month or so.

What do I do? Is it best to just leave them alone? In case you're probably wondering, yes I do think they are at a level where mental asylum is probably best for them, and I am saying that from the truth of my heart not out of hatred for them... But they function fine outside of the house as well, just... a bit crazy to some people, they can also feel and see it too.


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Jan 5, 2011
:welcome: to the forum. I hope you find us supportive on here.


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Aug 1, 2014

I think that you do need to contact if you are in Britain, the crisis team who are often located with the community mental health teams. The criis team, will give an assessment, and then point you forward in the right direction.

Or alternative, book a triage system, via your GPs, and your GP, should then be able to refer you on. The referral, can take a good long while, so better to contact the crisis team. for your borough or area.

Welcome aboard,

I'm Natalie, and I have mild forms of szchiophrenia, althogh I think it's a case of szchioaffective mysefl, and I also like to help others.
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