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Hello Everyone.. I Have Some Questions I need to ask?



New member
Apr 25, 2017
I haven't been diagnosed with any mental disorder but I have a few questions???
I'm going to explain what I have actually been experiencing...

In all honesty I haven't ever actually came to ask advice from a mental health forum... I just felt weird doing it but in all honesty I actually kind of need some advice...

Btw sorry if I actually kind of go from place to place while writing this.. I remember something that had to be said a while back and then I write it in...

When I was little I used to actually believe in ghosts, spirits and other things.. I used to actually hear voices sometimes call my name, say hey, or sometimes I would feel them touch me.. I was actually scared by this.. Also I heard what sounded like a little kid say Boo to me when i was in front of my mamaws shelf, I cried and told mamaw I wanted to go to her friends house that night because I heard that.. But in a weird since it wasn't any better up there, I would hear walking in the kitchen, I would hear people fall in the kitchen and sometimes when I was little I would actually see Black Shadows... Only sometimes thou... I was paranoid as crap when I was little, I would think something was always after me because my dreams always had something chasing me or me getting caught by the cops and going to jail for something.... When I actually got older I just thought it was ghosts because I mean ghost would kind of be a logical thing for me to actually say it was... Also when I was little I would sometimes hear cars pull into my mamaws house when there was nothing there or hear a dog pant in my hear with the sound of chains... I would also have weird dreams about my mamaws house being haunted or about cars surrounding her house... Also when I was little I swear I seen a hang under the cover trying to get me and either this was a dream or not rats running up the wall...

But anyway when I started to get older yea I thought it was ghosts I would try to just ignore the things I actually heard or seen.... But I couldn't because after a bit I had started seeing Orochimaru from Naruto... yes I know... it's weird.... I actually have a drawing I did recently of me seeing him back then.. but I actually seen him for a bit but after a while he decided to disappear... in all honesty the last time I seen him was in mamaws recliner chair.. also the voices I usually heard where male.... then when I had moved to kentucky because I had to stay with my mom I had started to get into Creepypasta... When I was reading The Mortal Instruments: The City of Lost Souls.. after I had got done reading that night I had seen two white eyes at my window then a glint of a knife..... I was kind of creepied out.. so I tried to go to sleep that night for school...

Also I am trying to actually summarize my experience too...

But anyway... I had ended up seeing Jeff the Killer... again I know it's weird.. :/ I tried to do audio recording since I just thought they were a ghost or actually real...

I actually tried to do the recording for a while even while I was at mamaws house... I had got things that said your pretty plus what sounded like eating... But I actually stopped because I got paranoid because something popped in my head with a image of Jeff killing my mamaw.... Also I would hear Jeff say Go To Sleep! a lot which kind of freaked me out but calmed me at the same time... he actually showed up a lot more than Orochimaru did...

After a bit I got paranoid that Jeff the Killer was after me I would see his white hoodie staying in front of me along with everything else being shadow...

Also I actually seen shadowy figures a lot too... and maybe what looked like shadoy animals...

I know at some points I still see Shadowy figures and hear things but it's not as often as it used to be...

Also I would have some weird dreams with jeff...

I know I had a nightmare of Jeff killing my bf at the time which scared me...

Also I had heard a voice scream Go!...

I always thought it was ghosts but I'm not sure... I just want to ask some advice for this... :scratcheshead:


We can't diagnose here but it does sound like schizophrenia to me.


Well-known member
Jan 6, 2017
Well, either that house is haunted, or you had a childhood schizophrenia that you have mostly grown out of, or you were a child with a very overactive imagination. As long as this isn't causing a problem in your life now, then that is the main concern. If you still see or hear things that you think aren't really there and this does cause problems to you than you can always seek out professional help.


New member
Apr 25, 2017
True and sometimes it does still bug me but I try to literally ignore it....


New member
Apr 25, 2017
True.. I see that point.. and in all honesty I don't think it was haunted because one my pets never acted weird or anything... I actually have a cat now where I live and when I would hear or see some things the cat never actually noticed them... and I might actually go see if I can actually get diagnosed to actually see whats wrong....
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