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Hello Everyone -2nd Battle of Anxiety



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Nov 13, 2021
Hello everyone , I'm so happy I found this forum I was on one like this a few years ago and it really helped and the support was great !
Currently I'm gong through my 2nd battle of anxiety as of Aug 20th , 2021 ( I wasn't aware that this could come back like this )
Here is my story , in Aug of 2012 ( yeah I know right ) I was at my sisters house and was sleep I woke up to go the the bathroom and as I was walking up the steps it felt as something had grabbed my heart and took my breath , I was so scared , my sister rushed me to the ER , They checked me out , EKG , bloodwork etc , ( little did I know what was to come ) I wont make this long so I will tell you that I began to go through a ton of things , I was scared to drive , live house at times , I was in the hospital tons of times , had EKGS, Endoscopy , Colonoscopy , Tons on Bloodwork , I literally lived in the ER , seen tons of doctors , tons of testing MRI , test for Lupus , you name it I was tested for it , I lost tons of weight , made tons of doctors bills for myself but they never could find not one thing , million dollar work up , my body did some of the strangest things , I would be in the corner because my chest pains , headaches , fear of losing it , blurred vision , aches , pains etc , I tried different meds for maybe a week and then I would stop because I was afraid of the side affects , then 2013 my child was dx with cancer just when I thought things could not get worst , I had so much to deal with my anxiety was at it worst , eventually I was able to fight through it was very very hard but it went away slowly ........ So now August 2012 I was getting my child ready to leave for college for the junior year ( yes the cancer was beat and a fulltime college student now) I was in Target getting items and I bent down to get toothpaste off the bottom shelf and when i went to lift up a flush feeling ran through my head and my vision was blur and i was on my way passing out , i grabbed the cart and was able to find a seat , the called an ambulance to come get me my body was shaking , heart racing they took me to ER , ran blood work , EKG etc i went home next day kid left for college , my balance was off I could not stand up with out holding on to wall etc , I went to ER they kept me over night , did a full work up , watch my heart , etc , I went home next day , I went to my primary doc he said I needed to see an ENT as he think an inner ear issue , i could barely walk , I saw ENT , had balance test , everything was normal , gave me mecalize for the dizziness , I went to cardiologist, have echo , ekg , etc ( so back in 2014 I had a cardiac cath yes thats how bad I was in pain ) everything all normal except my iron was very low and they said this could be from low iron , so I began iron and seen hematology , From August 20th to now I have had again million dollar work up , been in hospital twice , received another MRI , tons and tons of bloodwork .....
Sorry its so long - I know this has to be my anxiety again and I dont know what to do I have been stuck in the house for 4 months I can only go to whatever is close to home , I work from home so that helps , but I havent been to gym , I went to a store had to leave because I had a panic attack , I have my Ativan as I have never gave that up for the what if , my doc wants me to really try meds this time , last time was a long brutal battle

I just dont know what to do I hate feeling like this , it really mess with your everyday life , I not sure what made it even come back but its not fun

Thanks for listening
Northern Girl

Northern Girl

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Jan 1, 2019
Tyne and Wear
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Thank you for sharing some of your story, sounds like it's been a difficult time you've been battling.

Hope here is a support for you.

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