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Hello (diagnosis question)



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Aug 12, 2009
hello to everyone.

my main interest in this site is to see if anyone else has had problems getting a diagnosis.

my main problem has been getting the doctors to do anything. they don't seem to believe there's much wrong.

i'm aware there may possibly be a better forum to post this on, feel free to redirect me.



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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Hello and welcome to the forum :welcome:

What seems to be the problem? Most people on here suffer from mental health problems or have family members/friends that do.


Why would you want a psychiatric label of mental illness? :confused:


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Jul 28, 2009

Not had an official diagnosis as yet but getting the doc to know that there something wrong with me was easy, i just copied the first post in my journal here and showed it to him.
Well that and the fact i sat there shaking, drip white after the anxiety attack i had in the waiting room lol.
Job done, in his words, "You've got issues", lol, no shit Sherlock :LOL:

To be fair though i dont really care what it is i just hope it goes away :)

If your doc dont seem interested talk to a therapist, a good one should be able to at least get a good idea of whats wrong with you i'd of thought.

From what i've read it can take time to get an exact diagnosis as many symptoms can be found within many forms of mental illness.

All the best :tea:
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quality factor

Hi many mentally ill folks feel that having a dx helps them to understand their problems and hopefully move on to recovery in time.

A dx can take many years to be reached in some cases as problems can overlap in different areas. For example I was first dx with Bipolar 2 and some 7 years later a further dx of BPD was also given. Having researched both areas myself and with confirmation from a Psychiatrist I realised that there was considerable overlap between the two. Mental illness can fall within many spectrums.

If you think you will be more comfortable with a dx then pursue it. Having frustration on top of your existing problem is not going to help you.
Good luck.



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Aug 16, 2009
hi, i'm new to the forum too.

yeah, gp's are often hopeless in my experience, although there are some good ones hiding in corners out there.

but if you know deep down that there is something wrong, then obviously you need to root it out.

in my case, after many years of struggling on my own (and being ignored by medical people, and being very timid about it all), i eventually went to my gp and just told him that i had severe depression and anxiety disorder, and that i needed some help please. i had to be quite forward and pushy about it.

if you don't explain brazenly that you expect to be helped, sometimes they just treat you like a time-waster or a hypochondriac.

if you do manage to get some vague idea of a possible diagnosis from your own research, that might be helpful ammunition to take along to the doc's (ammunition sounds a bit confrontational doesn't it, but you know what i mean!).

of course, your problems might be less obvious than mine, in which case you'll need to get them to refer you to the right people to get a diagnosis in the first place.

so that's why you need to make it clear that you won't be going away until you're taken seriously!

hope that isn't totally irrelevant, good luck! soren. :)


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Jun 30, 2009
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.
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