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Hello--could u plz hlp me???



New member
Dec 6, 2008
hello everyone well, my problem is you see i decided to read and learn about different religions now this is almost making me go crazy, so can i be helped by you guys pplllzzz:cry:??? If yes i shall explain my problem.


I have studied comparative religion & Christian Theology; through a very thorough study of the Bible, among other things. Much of what I have learned is through my own research. I have not done courses in this stuff, apart from school.

Although there are snippets of truth in all Religion - I largely concluded that ALL Religion is on the whole false.

Although, if you have some kind of specific problem or query, maybe I can help.

I know that others on the site have interests in; & have studied some religion too.


We don't know if we can help unless you say what your problems are. How about telling us something?
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