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Drill Pad

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Jun 25, 2019
Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I've gotten plenty of help on this bulletin board/forum.

I was going to post a relationship issue I am having now, but have decided to instead try to deal with it through SLAA meetings (or that venue) I think. Besides it is complicated and will be difficult for me to adequately explain. I think it is just a normal life decision I must make, choosing between three women who are interested in me, but I am confused about which way to go, or remain in ambiguity between the three. I am not intimate with more than one, so that is a good thing. I guess that is complicated overall because each has good her good aspects, and melds with me in certain ways.

Anyway, I suppose I have described my issue. Might as well add that I am a 55 y/o retired single man.

Well I guess with that said, I'd like to say hello again and thank you. Perhaps I will be able to participate, maybe just empathize with posters on some of these forums.

Wishing everyone wellness and peace -
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