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Hello All. Living with someone in depression


James in AZ

New member
Dec 25, 2020
Hi everyone. I am living with my wife of 35 years. She is in a depression and refuses to acknowledge it. I am begging her to seek therapy and medication. In fact I am looking for a therapist for her to no avail. It seems as if they are all booked out.

She is beginning to push me away and I'm pretty sure it's not much longer before we split up. This saddens me greatly as I know without help she won't improve and will possibly commit suicide. I don't expect much in the way of guidance here as I know the answer - but she refuses. Just venting.

It helps me reading the success stories of those who have faced anxiety and depression and won with therapy and medication. it helps knowing if she chooses that path versus leaving there is hope.

Thanks everyone for sharing.
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