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Hello All In Need Of Some Advice



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Feb 18, 2009
Up North
I have been having problems with depression and dealing with people since I was in my teen’s and the older I get the worse they seem to get, I’m 40 this year and I don’t know how much lower I can get, I don’t look after myself very well I chain smoke and my health is suffering because of it.

I was in a day therapeutic community around 18months ago, which I attended for around 4 month’s, I found the experience of attending there fulltime very difficult, the longer I was there the harder it got and by the time I stopped attending I was in a very low state, very depressed and feeling suicidal and wishing to avoid contact with other people. For a period of around 12 month’s after I hardly left the house, then only to go shopping when I really had to, which I tended to do at around 11 at night at the local Tesco express, so to avoid as many people as I could and could go weeks without talking to anybody else face to face.

I decided that I had to do something about it so went to my GP and to be honest he wasn’t very sympathetic due to me leaving the therapeutic community early, but passed me on to the local mental health team and I had my first meeting back in November, which I left feeling quite positive about it, the CPN came to see me at home in the middle of December and a appointment was made for the 6th of January which was cancelled the day before due to her being sick and I haven’t heard anything more from them. I rang early last week to find out what was happening and was told she was off sick and then on holiday, but was back the day after but I haven’t heard anything from her.

She said she would help me reapplying for DLA which ran out in December and other practical thing’s to help me get out the house more which I really need, so I really don’t know where to turn to now.

I find it really difficult to ask for help especially after being lucky enough to get the place in the therapeutic community and feel I wasted that opportunity, even though I know deep down it wasn’t right for me at that time, so any advice about where to turn to next will be gratefully received

Thanks :)


It's very hard when you're depressed to make a commitment to something full time. You get very tired very easily. You have to make an effort that takes every ounce of energy that you have. The trouble is the medics see you leaving that situation as a form of non-compliance when you see it as trying to preserve what little of you that you feel is left.

Your local MIND will help with filing in the DLA form. I know that chasing up the CPN takes energy and resources you haven't got at times but try and do it. If she doesn't respond take it to her line manager.

Keep coming back and talking - there's magic dust in the air here and you just might catch some.


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Jun 30, 2009
Hi Shaun,

We have quite a lot in common. I'm (just) 41 and also suffer from depression & anxiety. I also avoid going out and especially contact with ppl in public places. I'm starting to get help through CMH.

It's always easier to give advice than to take it, but i would suggest that you get back in touch with the authorities and ask for help. Don't feel guilty. Just because things didn't work out for you previously it doesn't mean you don't 'deserve' another 'shot' in the system.

This forum is a good place to talk about your problems and concerns.


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Feb 18, 2009
Up North
Thank you guys :)

My biggest issue I guess is knowing what help I’m entitled to and what I can reasonably expect, I have spent most of my adult life trying to keep under the radar of that branch of the NHS, after a very bad time when I was 18 and was stuck on a psychiatric ward for 4 months.

I swore I would never having dealing with then again and stuck with that all the way threw my 20’s and into my early 30’s, I tried to get on with my life and do all the normal stuff, go to work etc, but never managing to be happy and contented …more just plodding along, thing’s came to a head after my Dad died in 2000.

I went to see my GP in 2001 and he sent me to see the practice counsellor, but she could only see me 14 time’s and said she wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface during that time, so referred to the therapeutic community and I joined a weekly group there, which I was in for 3 year’s, but the last 12 month’s or so was badly disrupted as my mum became very ill, I was her carer so that dominated and took over most of the last 12 months, so it was suggested I thought about joining the therapeutic community further down the line, which I did about 18 months later.

I’m really scared for my future now to be honest I’m now nearly 40 and thinking is it …is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my time? is it too ingrained? is the pattern set? Can I change?

I’am fairly articulate and can communicate in the written form quite well, not as well verbally until I get to trust people well (doesn’t happen very often).

I did write a letter to my GP which he seemed to ignore and just said he would pass it on to the mental health team, but they haven’t picked up on anything in the letter even though they said they had read it.

Do you think I need a new GP???


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May 27, 2008
Hi Shaun and welcome to the forum!

You're certainly well within your rights to ask for another gp and a different one could maybe support you with the mental health services. You could, for example ask them to get involved in your struggle with the CPN - they should be pretty put out if your CPN isn't supporting you as they should. Try, if you can to get in touch with your CPN again, I know it's difficult but remember that them not contacting you could be an honest mistake (at least that's what mine said to me!)

Remember also that (I hope!!!!!) mental health services and psyciatric hospitals will have moved on considerably since the last time you were in and you might find them a far more helpful place to be if it comes to that.

Take care, look after yourself and keep pooing by here - as Dollit suggested some good stuff happens here,

Honey, xx


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Feb 20, 2009
Too Much Mental Stress to Take

Okay, I'm new here, so forgive me if my post is lame. I have been dealing with hydrocephalus "water on the brain" for the past 8.5 years. I've had 58 surgeries, one of which caused a stroke when I was 16. (I'm 24 now) Now I have recovered from the stroke, but I have been dealing with excruciating pain since the surgeries started. I have thought of suicide on many occasions over this time. It seems like I will never be living without pain at minimum a 9 out of 10. I was wondering if anyone here is a survivor of a suicide attempt, or has lost someone to suicide. Also, is anyone here suffering from a condition that causes severe pain, and how do you deal with it?


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Feb 26, 2008
Welcome Tangled! There are alot of people here who are familiar with pain and dealing with it. Also, alot of wise people here aswell. Spread yourself out around and check out the other topics. You may find something more helpful then you thought.

Please forgive the forums random hours as we seem to primarily be a European site so atleast 5 hours ahead.
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