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Hello all! i am new here :D`



New member
Jan 6, 2010
Kent, UK
Hi everyone,

im new to this forum and was just looking for some advice really.

i started to feel depressed a number of years ago but it was never really a regular occurrence so i just kinda ignored it, but for the past 6months (especially the last 2 weeks although i have just started to feel a bit better about myself) i have felt really down.

i used to cut myself but this was just at the top of my arm so i could cover it up, it did used to help me cope with things, a release if you will. i havnt done that for a while though but always fear that i will slip back into it :unsure: now this may sound odd but i think about suicide a LOT and really like (if like can be the word) the idea of suicide but im not to sure if i am brave enough (to phrase it one way) to do so.. it may sound odd but thats the way i feel and i think about the idea of suicide CONSTANTLY! as if i cant get it out of my mind.

i have never visited my GP about this because im never sure if i actually have something wrong with me or i am just trying to convince myself i do, if that makes sense :unsure:

im mainly looking to find help because im actually quite sick of feeling so down constantly, i do get heightened moods but unlike what i have read about bipolar. i will have a ton of energy bounce around and feel invincible but it will only last for a few hours then i will be back into my depressed state.

sorry to ramble on, if you are still reading this then all i am really looking for is what to do? do you guys think i should go to my GP? or am i just being silly and should forget the whole thing?

thanks for all your help


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Founding Member
Apr 24, 2008
Hi and :welcome: to the forum. Talking to your GP would be a good idea - how you are feeling is obviously affecting your life so it is definitely worth seeing them. Thinking about suicide frequently can be a symptom of depression - if you ever feel you will act on these feelings then get urgent help. Hope to see you posting more on the forum. Take care.

quality factor

Hi there and :welcome: to the Forum.
perhaps it would be a good idea to talk to
your GP about your feelings.

Good luck and hope to see you here again.



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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hii :).

A trip and a chat to your GP might be worth it :hug: If it's affecting you so badly you may need a little help or medication whichever is the best option for you.

Talk soon
xx :flowers:


Active member
Jan 7, 2010
London, UK

Like the others have said - you're not being silly in the slightest. Having a chat with your GP (especially if you have one that is quite understanding and you feel comfortable with) is a good start. There's lots of help out there (both within the health services and outside of it), so try not to be afraid of accessing it.

Some ideas:

GP: If you see your GP it can really help to write down a list of the things you've been experiencing. I used to find that I'd get really quiet and anxious at the surgery and struggled to express myself. Writing a list in advance can really help. Your GP should be able to refer you to the practice therapist who can talk with your about what's going on for you too.

Local Mind organisation: Mind is a national charity which supports people who experience mental distress (whether or not they've got a diagnosis). You should have a local branch of Mind in your area. Check out their website www.mind.org.uk for more info

Counselling: Lots of areas have cheap/free voluntary sector counselling on offer. Having someone that you trust enough to talk honestly about the things you're experiencing (without feeling judged) can really help you find ways of getting through it.

Websites: There are a few really good websites with info on dealing with self harm, suicidal thoughts and low mood. In my experience, these include:

http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/suicidal_feelings - a mind booklet for people experiencing suicidal feelings

http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/depression - a mind booklet for people who feel depressed

http://www.theblackdog.net - a site aimed at men who experience depression

http://www.thecalmzone.net - CALM (again, aimed at young men)

Hang in there, keep talking to people and try to catch yourself if you start feeling that your problems/issues aren't important. You deserve to get the right help and support, we all do x
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