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hei there. want to find out what is happening to me and how to get out of this :)



Jul 29, 2009
hei there. want to find out what is happening to me and how to get out of this :)

Hello to everyone. i want to describe you my symptoms and would like to know what do you think about this and what is this and how to get out of it. so yeah, here it goes:

so yeah, i don`t know what this thing is, but i feel like i`m not letting myself to live. i feel like i`m trying to concentrate all the time, like me trying to be me... concentrating like it is a military discipline... hope you understand. so yeah and what happens when you try to be yourself? then you feel like a rock that is really confused and even getting red face from just standing, needs to move constantly, finds it hard to breathe normally, because feels that he has to control his breathing and is doing it. so yeah that`s it and that is how i feel for like 5 years constantly and i just don`t know where to put myself anymore.

i have felt peaceful
i experienced it.. it was like a feeling that i just let it go and then i calmed down, reality returned to me, i felt that i have mind, wisdom, i am creative, i`m completely free, happy, full of energy, able to do anything.

but this state is soo unstable. can`t sit in school, today went away from 3 lessons because i just can`t concentrate and i don`t have any energy at all anymore because i`m trying it so really hard and i`m just exhausted. what should now about this? I don`t want this anymore.Take this serious. thank you.

also: when i forget about that i need to concentrate i feel like i "switch off" and a little bit later i find out that i have been gone somewhere and i start to force myself to concentrate again.so yeah this is it. it feels like living in a cage i believe. i don`t know, it is REALLY REALLY HARD TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING


Well-known member
Aug 16, 2009
hi there. i'm afraid i'm not much use on the advice front, but i hope you get some support and advice on the forum from others.
take care.

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