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Heat Anxiety



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Jul 15, 2020
I don’t know how anyone can enjoy this weather we are having in the UK right now. The heat is stifling, I feel trapped and can’t breathe. My anxiety is through the roof because I just can’t escape it, I can’t sleep and I can’t breathe. I feel like there is never any air. The mornings are fine, I am up early and go for a walk to get some fresh air. But by about 3pm I can barely stay awake, which is hard as I am working, and then by 8pm I’m falling asleep on the sofa. All I want to do is sleep and sleep until this is over, but when I am in bed at night it’s too warm to relax.

sorry to just moan and whinge, but it’s just awful for me right now. I feel in a constant panic and feel sick all the time. My stomach is in a knot. I don’t know what to do to try to stop thinking about the stifling heat.


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Jul 18, 2021
Oh, how I hate hot weather. I've found scorching heat and suffering from anxiety is a dreadful mix.


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Jul 27, 2020
I definitely feel you on this.. I'm the exact same. When I'm at home I feel ok but going outside when I have to send me into complete panic. I read somewhere that when you have an anxiety attack you get hot and all that. Well when you start to feel hot your brain instantly goes into thinking your having a anxiety attack which isn't true your just hot.. try freezing a bottle of water of juice overnight when u start to feel hot take it out and put it on your wrists or neck any part where there's main veins it cools you down alot quicker. Remember to breathe too.
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