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Hearing Voices: What do we know about it?



What is HVN? Details here!

Hearing Voices Neteork is an independant voluntary organization run by Voice Hearers FOR Voice Hearers. It is non-medical and believes that voice hearing is NOT a mental illness. HVN meetings (across the british isles, Europe, Canada, etc) provide a safe space for you to explore your voice hearing where you can work out your own meaning in the voice hearing experience - and also people share tips on how to cope with threatening voices.

HVN consists of local groups affiliated to head office in Manchester. There are other hearing voices groups which are not affiliated to HVN because they do not suport the full ethos of HVN. Someone said in this discussion board that he was disappointed to hear the HVN was a subgroup of some other organization. I would like to reassure him that this is not so.

There may be a HVN group near you; if not, perhaps you could get together and start one. Once you are affiliated, you can then apply to funding organations as a charity.

Hearing Voices Network, 2nd floor, 79 Lever Street, Manchester M11FL
Email: [email protected]
Due to funding difficulties at head office, the help line is temporarily suspended.