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Hearing voices, Server anxiety and neglect of GP



New member
Aug 1, 2018
Four years ago I was taking medication for voices in my head which was prescribed by a phycitrist. 2 years after I had to stop the medication as I was taking a pain killer pill called tramadol. October last year I stopped taking the pill as I no longer needed it and my voices in my head became worse and so did my anxiety. I was prescribed citalopram which made my condition worse and I went back to my gp and asked him if I can have my medication back the one that the phycitrist prescribed and he said no as the phycitrist can only prescribe it. I asked if he can refer me to the phycitrist again and he said that I didn't need medication. Later he agreed to do the referral and a month later I checked to see if they received a referral and they did but I was refused because they sent the referral to a learning disabilities phycitrist. The doctor was aware of this and instead of doing it to the main one he just didn't bother.

The voices in my head became worse and today I realised after looking on the symptoms for citalopram my condition was a side effect and I should stop the citalopram.

I complained about my symptoms to my doctor and he said continue with the citalopram and I asked him if he could change it and he said no because he said I had an addiction to prescription medications.

Leaving me really ill from my mental health illness. He wouldn't even prescribe something to help me sleep at night as since stopping the tramadol and my mental health getting worse I cannot sleep at all.

I think I was prescribed the wrong medication to help my condition and also refusing to change them to another medication because he classed me as an addict which I only took tramadol.

Do the doctors have the right to make there patients suffer? Do you think I have enough to put in a complaint against my GP. I also saw two other doctors as the same surgery and they also refused because my GP wrote on my records not to give me any sedatives.

Basically they agreed with my GP. My symptoms of hearing voices in my head and seeing things thats not there and my anxiety is getting worse but I am getting ignored by the doctors. Can anyone advice me on what I should do next please thank you.


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Jan 4, 2013
You really do need to complain, you need a referral to a psychiatrist.
Complain to the practice manager, do it in writing so you have a record then.
Hope you get a referral soon.
Take care


New member
Aug 3, 2018
Hi I'm diagnosed psychotic depression and I hear voices I've been diagnosed quetiapine ask for that