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hearing voices question can you help me?



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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
when you hear a voice is it always from out side your head? i hear them sometimes out side of my head but mainly in side telling me what to do and where to go, they even tell me not to listen when people are talking to me plus i hav ethis voice that repeats its self calling me mentally ill over and over again but this is inside my mind , its not female or male . plus when im with someone it tells me to punch them in the face and so on. is this normal? its very hard not to listen to them,thanks in advance. i do see things from time to time like skulls and people that ant there my doctor thinks i have bi polar and im on olanzapine and depokote .


have you ever wondered why these phenomena may be happening?

i mean, you must be able to say: this is the first time i heard a voice - this was the emotion i had.

but in all my life i have never encountered anyone that experienced this phenomena that couldn't also say:

i used drugs heavily or

i was physically, sexually, mentally abused as a child (or rarely as an adult)

have you been able to make any such connections?

i hear several voices - i know that that they are me. I'm not being pushy and saying you should come to the same conclusion.

but have you explored these avenues?


Jan 22, 2010
I've often wondered about the hearing of voices. I suffer from it myself.

It seems that to be considered sane, one must hear their own voice located somewhere behind their eyes.

If you hear someone elses voice and it is located somewhere other then behind your eyes, you must be ill.

I suppose there's much humour in this, for example, hearing a voice come from someone elses head. I wonder what the cut off point is. Does a voice eminating from your tooth suggest you are schizophrenic?

I wonder how this one voice located somewhere behind your eyes idea comes from. It probably has a long history in Western thought.

I suppose we are all potty trained to hear this one voice located somewhere in your brain through practices like prayer and reading, but this potty training can go awry.

Perhaps this is conceptually wrong.

I wonder how most people think about their own private dialogue.
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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks

i only smoke about ten a day but whats that got to do with hearing voices? a lot of people smoke and dont hear stuff i hope you dont mean drugs cause i dont do that at all i wouldnt dare .
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