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Hearing voices from the heavens?


Sara Hu

New member
Dec 24, 2018
This is about my aunt, but she texted my parents one day asking if she could stay at their house for some time. They agreed, and they started noticing that she was praying/ reciting words really fast. She said she left her house because God said it was "unclean" (I'm guessing from evil spirits or something), and during her stay, she kept insisting that they bring her statues and charms to purify their house. Now, she's saying that because my parents did not bring her the things she asked for, God said that their house too was tainted and that she has to go to heaven now to help it because it's being attacked??? Sorry if this is totally unclear, but I only know bits and pieces of the story. She called almost all of my relatives over today to tell them this, and I have no idea how to handle it. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any advice on what I should do? My family wants her to go to the doctor, but she absolutely refuses because she insists there is nothing wrong with her.


Well-known member
May 6, 2017
Sounds pretty clear to me, if you and your family believe she's about to hurt herself in order to go to heaven she needs help fast so I'd contact the authorities and get her sectioned for her own good.

Voices often lie and pretending to be God is one of the oldest in the book, mine did the same in the early days but he's no more a God than I am.

I hope you can help her in time and one day she may even forgive you for it just like I forgive my family for getting me into hospital although I went in voluntarily to reduce the amount of time I had to stay in there (9 days instead of a potential month or two).

Please keep us updated.