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Hearing Voices, Driving me Insane.



New member
Dec 6, 2014
Hi guys! Im having a pretty tough time, even while im typing this I cant seem to keep myself from hearing these voices. I seem to constantly hear voices inside my head even though I try to realize they are not there they seem to make me feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes I have mood swings because of them, im happy for a bit but then i hear voices and I start to feel more angry or at times depressed. And even when im happy I seem to get voices telling me that I need to treat people around me with disrespect even though I try not to listen it does cause me to fight with people and say nasty things, I even get voices telling me that I need a better life, which is true because I seem to always hate on others for having a better life then me and my friends are always nasty people. I like to cling to too many idiots in real life. Anyways can someone help me out here? Try to give me advice? I cant seem to keep myself under control.


Hi RainySunshine, It's good that you've reached out and talked about what you are going through. I'm a voice hearer too. I have managed to find a relative peace with the voices and try to help others too. To start, I think it would be good to know how long you've been hearing voices for?


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Aug 1, 2014

I would suggest you seek medical assistance, if you're that much in a bad way, I would and should definitely ring the Crisis Support Team via the community Mental Health unit department of your own local area, or seek a referral via a GP, because it sounds very much like to me, that you do need to be on some of medication (I can't name drop which one helps me) and to be able to control the voices not on a constant basis. I was always having problems, with this, not constantly, only through shock, or unwell, or had a fall which I'm prone to, and I reported this in at home, and right away, (although hearing voices goes back or imagining hearing voices a long waywith me) that on a certain previous medication, after reporting to the Doctor's Surgery, I still wasn't helped, and eventually hey presto, on this new med, and eventually the right correct dose was found, and have maintained althouigh it gives me a side affect, very well on that doseage.

Once again, I should definitely seek a referral althouigh in a very bad way, I would definitely ring Crisis Support, of your borough mental health department, and they can then assist and point you hopefully in the right direction.

Take care now,



Dec 11, 2014
Hi there. Try listening to music really loud. Self affirmations might also be helpful.