Hearing people on distant planets in the afterlife



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Sep 12, 2016
I trevor was told these things by God and this galaxy's confederation of angels during an hallucination. That when you die, as a ghost you can look up to the heavens and hear the thoughts of other living beings. Using this and evolved ghost ideas you can fly to the planet and that is how the angels came to be about on this planet.

The Planets appear green with an outline of orange which shows how long they have to live, above and under ground, after end times until radiation totally saturates the planet. The ghosts remark '..they are already too violent' and 'they're doomed'. When a planet has gone completely orange souls roam around in the radiation in pain without governing. And I saw that a soul might try to reach for a bug that had grown which was hobbling sort of along the ground, and when it reached to take the soul from the bug to eat the bug fell over dead.

Keeping a working gyroscope on a planet is the last form of government. The angels have the ability to keep people in a headache in the afterlife and even hold them in captivity. Otherwise the evil men who make the planet orange and commit atrocities in end times get away. When a person has to face the judgement of going to hell for any unforgiven reason, they have a kiln in there chest that shows unresolved personal suffering, and a reason for what they did in there heads which a ghost can look in upon quickly and determine guilt. One of the ways the angels know to convert planet radiation into non-existence is to have the people in hell hold a long black balloon that they sort of marvel at. The problem is the prisoners don't want to hold it for very long. The angels have yet to devise a wording that works to keep them holding the balloon.

God, who is unlike the angels in his omniscience, but like them as he just appears to be a being in the afterlife, shows the angels an idea that converts all the planets CO2 and radiation into nothingness through the gyroscope without the use of hell, and makes all the planets that were green and orange icy blue, but keeps the secret from the angels. And when he decides to turn the planets blue on his own as I understand even the orange planets of the past will benefit as 'the bug will crawl again, he says. The angels are up to there seventh book which is the bible since they started attempting to save planets from catastrophe.

The first book I was told would be around 2.2 billion years old. Different things started happening at different times as the book progressed and hence came new versions.

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