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healthy food ideas



Jun 7, 2009
i dont lack imagination in any other aspect but i get so confused about makin healthy food anyone got any good recipes that are easy???:confused:



Stews, stir frys, shepherds pie, chili are all things that i make on a regular basis. I don't know what you like to eat but they are are pretty healthy meals, i tend to use quorn in those things and they all taste great with a variety of veg and the right seasoning. Stir frys don't take long.
I buy shop bought stir fry sauce as I believe it is easier, quicker and cheaper. I often hear people say that making food from scratch saves you money, but I find that hard to believe with chinese sauces- unless they always have soy sauce, citrus fruits, herbs and different expensive oils to hand...
Stews are really good, they take about 40 minutes but you can put potato, veg, beans, etc in them it's a good way of using up things.
I don't follow recipes that closely more use them as basic guidelines, I have a few recipes in books but nothing that I can link you with. Hope those ideas were of some help though!

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