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Health care in US?



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Apr 24, 2008
We have been offered the chance to move to the States and I wonder if any of the American members could give me some advice on health care. I think my OH's company have a scheme that we would be part of, but I am a bit worried about what support there would be for me. At the moment, I'm not long out of hospital and I see my psychiatrist quite regularly, as well as my CPN and psychologist. Perhaps by the time we move (if we decide to do that) I wouldn't need all that support but I would like to know that it would be available if I needed it (especially as the move itself could be a hard thing to do).

Any advice or thoughts gratefully received.



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Feb 24, 2009
It depends on where you go. If you are moving near a city, you would have a lot of resources available to you that you don't have in smaller areas.

I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 30 years. When I began seeing my Therapist and my Pdoc, I couldn't work and had no money, and was not on disability yet. I googled "free therapy Atlanta" and found there were a lot of low-cost options available. You can find a lot of support on a sliding fee scale. My Pdoc was through a local university and I received all of my medications for free-- and they would have cost 1000 dollars otherwise.

The United Way is a great resource. You can search for help of all kinds by area. You can do a search though the computer-- or if you are IN the states, by calling 211 from a land line.

Hope this helps.