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Health anxiety


Anxious grandma

New member
Jan 20, 2021
I'm a 59 year old nurse who has suffered from health anxiety for many years. I would love to hear how you cope.


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2014
Hi there! I'm not the best example on how to cope (my dermatilomania is off the charts right now hahah) but some things that help me:
1. Venting, either here or with someone I trust. Ofc therapy if you can afford it/have time for it would be best!

2. Crying. Like a really good cry.

3. Crime shows for some reason?

4. Walks

5. Getting a coffee with friends (this was pre pandemic now that is like impossible, but in general social life usually helps me unless im really struggling in that case its worse)

6. Many people like guided meditations but they havent worked for me

7. I like to watch kati morton videos in YouTube about anxiety or my symptoms, she is a great therapist and makes great videos to understand your symptoms and how to cope with them!

8. I tried journaling but it didnt work at all hahaha

I think thats all, to be fair im struggling a bit myself and im looking for a new therapist so I can start therapy myself because it's been a hard year for everyone

I send you a hug, I know I've must've been hard working on healthcare this year, feel free to message if you need anything!


Taking a break
Dec 9, 2020
I'm a 59 year old nurse who has suffered from health anxiety for many years. I would love to hear how you cope.
imagine there is a pretty rock with a diamond inside. you cant see the diamond so you dont know its there. because you dont know about the diamond inside you just enjoy the pretty rock. but over time the pretty rock gets chipped and starts to look worse and worse. you get more and more nervous about it. you are scared that soon there will be nothing left of the pretty rock.

the pretty rock is your body, and the diamond inside is your real eternal self.
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