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Health Anxiety



New member
May 17, 2019
So I have the worst health anxiety recently. There’s always something new that’s wrong with me. Just the other week I thought I had bone cancer -.- which is ridiculous. However a few days ago, my throat started hurting.. and not like the usual scratchy sore throats, but a sharpish pain kind of feeling in my throat. It only tends to become present at night. It hurts when I lay down and slightly hurts my ears occasionally, making it uncomfortable, I don’t have breathing problems.. but it’s making it feel uncomfortable to say the least.. so now I’m convinced I have laryngeal cancer or something. This kind of anxiety is ruining my life. Does anyone else get stuff like this?


Well-known member
Feb 16, 2019
Yeah but I only stress about for a short time then I move on in life.

Have this lump in one of my balls occasionally. And at times I'm like "is it cancer?" and other times I feel a similar but not so exaggerated structure on my other ball and think its probably just a swollen bi-testicle or smth.

I also watch birthmarks and sometimes I'm like, has it gotten bigger, do I have skin cancer.

If my anxiety over it would be high enough I would see a doctor to make sure.

Now you have pain which is very real, go see the doctor so they can help you with it. It can be mite allergy so you gotta clean your room. I mean it could be anything. Whatever info to help you sleep better can be a good investment yeah?
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