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Health anxiety my whole life and getting worse please respond and help



May 2, 2020
South Carolina
hi so long story short just to give you a background really quick before I ask my question ..
I have been to the hospital no lie over 1000 times I used to go every single day sometimes three times in one day over my heart and they never found anything wrong.
I have had so many tests done I’ve had ct scans ekgs I wore a holter monitor for a week even had stress tests never found anything wrong.
Also stomach wise I have severe acid reflux every single day of my life never ever goes away I have constipation all the time I have had two endoscopys done and both was normal .

now every single day of my life I live in fear that I’m dying every single day .
But I have new symptoms now .
I believe I have colon cancer or stomach cancer because I’m always constipated I’m always bloated my acid is so bad it hurts to drink water . Nothing helps and sometimes when I poop it so hard that it makes me bleed a little .
I’m 30 years old and now I’m thinking everyday when I wake up that I’m gonna die of colon cancer .
Also today I started getting these weird pains in the far left side of my chest . They come and go and have been doing so all day so now I’m wanting to run to the er over this
But I have had my heart checked out I have had a cardiologist tell me nothing is wrong with my heart at all like nothing but these pains in the far left side of my chest are scaring the shit out of me .
What if my heart isn’t getting enough oxygen and that’s why I’m getting the pains..

also I wake up every single morning coughing up phlegm ive been doing this since September of last year I now believe I have long disease to .

anyways I’m really scared I have colon cancer and I’m really scared there is something wrong with my heart ..
Sometimes I just go and sit in the er parking lot for hours and hours and hours I do that at least twice a week I feel safe the er parking lot someone please help do you think it’s cooon cancer ?? Or heart disease? Please help


Well-known member
Mar 12, 2016
Im praying for you thats all I can do. I dont think you have colon cancer, anxiety and stress can cause a lot, try meditation on youtube, it seems to me your nerves is bad. Listen to happy music it will change your mood.


Apr 25, 2020
I know how u feel since I am in the same situation like you.
My health anxiety started with heart symptoms as well and I had many tests done, all came back normal. When I stopped having heart symptoms I started having neurological ones.
Right now I am worried about MS since I have so many symptoms of that disease, tingling, numbness, fatigue etc.
Considering my anxiety history, my GP did not want to sent for MRI scan since she is convinced it is all anxiety. I am trying to convince myslef the same but it is so hard to believe that when I have such real body symptoms.
Before I thought just having anxiety is bad enough, but now, when I am worried about my health on top of having anxiety, I see how happy i was.
Seems we do not have any choice but to accept what doctors are telling us.


New member
May 3, 2020
New york
I have had health anxiety for a long time. I take .5 Xanax 3 times per day but doesn’t seem to be helping. I am alone during this pandemic so only have time to body scan. Driving myself nuts. How much is too much Xanax to take? Thinking about asking dr to up it
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