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Health anxiety , best medication for this?



New member
Nov 24, 2018
Hello all. I have been anxious person for as long as I can remember but have recently begun to have physical symptoms of anxiety. I received a cortisone shot in my spine for cervical ddd and three days later my anxiety went out of control. I had never needed to take any medication to help with this before I had the injections. I am now taking Xanax at a very low dose as needed. This really seems to help ease my mind but I’d like to try something else. I tried Buspar for three weeks but it gave me acid reflux. My main issues are thinking I have ALS due to intermittent weakness in my hands ( probably due to carpal tunnel) and twitching in my legs, arms, and lips when I am really worked up. Of course this starts the cycle once again..
Can someone recommend someth8ng with few side effects? The main one I worry about is weight gain.
Also, has anyone had this type of experience after a cortisone shot?
I am 8 months out from the injection and the symptoms were the worst at 3-4 months. My legs would be like jello in the morning and my breathing was increased along with headaches and nausea.It was absolute hell!
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Hello Anxiety. Sorry you had such a reaction to the shot. I never reacted to cortisone shots but I did react badly to oral prednisone. Do you think if you wait awhile the side effect will subside ?? I ask this because it sounds like you started xanax right away and there was no waiting for the side effects of anxiety to subside. In my own case I started a tranquilizer right away and this produced more problems. I was given the steroid to counteract drug (prozac) induced lupus. Once you start taking more drugs to counteract other drug side effects, you end up on a not so merry go round of pharmaceuticals.


Welcome Anxiety to our forum. :)

Have you talked to your doctor about this persistent gastric reflux? If you're in the UK, have you tried over-the-counter Gaviscon? It's in either liquid or chewable form. Even comes in satchets (pack of 12) though they are expensive. In its 'advanced' formula, Gaviscon is very effective and in bottle form (500 to 600ml) can be bought as cheaply as £9 if you shop around online.

I have a Canadian friend who finds Losec good to control the excess stomach acid that's been causing her problems. In the UK it's branded as Omeprazole, but like all meds it does have side effects and the best person to get advice on your symptoms has to be your doctor.

I hope you enjoy our forums and settle in. They're a good bunch and sometimes we get to have a laugh. :)
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