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Having an overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up...



Jan 29, 2020
Sometimes when I think I can't make it, I just give up and stop trying. It's how I am. I cut corners, I have a poor work ethic, and I'm insufferably lazy. I think my depression arises from a disappointment in myself that extends to every aspect of my life. Lately things have been fine, as I have been getting myself to write and hang out with friends, more than I used to do about 5 years ago when I was severely depressed, but I'm still often down and in the dumps.

I think I have trauma from when I was immensely hopeless and thinking my medication took away emotional range and made it impossible to be human, not until I got my emotions back, became happy, and started believing in myself enough to be able to love myself and others. I still drop down into depression because I am frustrated with myself. I have so many hopes and dreams and I currently don't see a way I can reach them.


New member
Feb 4, 2020
Same man.

The infinate sailing boat - hating the life you live with no prospect of it changing.
ive been thinking I'll play the lottery, or loan as much money from the bank as I can, have a great year and say my goodbyes.
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