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Having A Much Better Day



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May 30, 2013
Last night i did my usual trick and took a bunch of pills.. So i went to bed fairly early... The first alarm woke me at 6:30 this morning and i felt... Better... Well calm and not to crazy... So i began to drink Coke, take pills and smoke cigarettes.. by the time 8am came around i was wide awake and ready to face the day.. i went to the supermarket.. To get a few things and my mind was allot quieter.. Then at 9 i had to go and get my prescription.. Which is normally an ordeal... But today there was nobody in.. The chemist is in the same building as the doctors and there was nobody in there either.. So i sat there waiting and a couple of people walked through.. i could hear the thoughts but they were quiet and far a way. So i get my pills come back to the flat and start another busy day of sitting on my ass in front of this laptop. And things were quiet.

Suddenly at 2pm i decided out of nowhere that i should go out "shopping"... i never "shop".... i go out grab the stuff i need and come back.... i never "shop" !!!
But i thought fuck it, its what other people do... So i got dressed.. Filled up my wallet with cash and when out !!! I thought.. I'll go in two shops look around and come back.. i never realized how crappy the shops are in this town... Its mainly supermarkets, pubs and opticians.. But there is a pound shop and a couple of charity shops.. So i went in them.. To cut a long story short i ended up buying a bag of party poppers and a teddy bear...

I really like the bear

( anybody want to take bets on how long before the fucking thing starts talking to me ? )