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Having a bad week and today I’m not coping

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Oct 8, 2019
I have taken my first tablet tonight, about 2 hours ago now, I am feeling very sleepy so have got into bed. I really hope they work because I’m gong to lose my best friend, my child’s father :( I’ve made this year so hard for us both mainly him. I’ve done things in my rages that most men would have left me for but he’s always been right by my side y less he leaves to go to his mums to leave the situation, which I give him greif for :( I just pray that it isn’t too late because I cannot lose him:(
You can do it, I have also put my partner through hell and back because I haven’t been on my medication but she is still standing by my side. If they truely care for you, your wellbeing and your relationship then he will stand by you too ❤❤ Stay Strong Beautiful!