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Haven't done it in months but I've reached breaking point



Well-known member
Jul 26, 2011
Horsham, West Sussex
Life hasn't been easy recently...I've been having urges but something happened yesterday...and my hubby isn't coping...well it's triggering me. I'm already in pain due to fibromyalgia...I have no energy either.

I have pretty much set out what I need...I'm alone. Hubby is in bed and so is my daughter..

Not sure I can hold on any longer


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm sorry you're feeling triggered and like you want to harm yourself.
I notice this thread was started a few hours ago - have you been able to keep yourself safe?
I hope that with distraction you've overcome the urge.

If something has happened, just go easy on yourself. Yes you've done really well to go so long without self-harming but you're not to be hard on yourself if you've had a slip up. :hug1:
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