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Have you been on antidepressants without a mood stabaliser?



Mar 5, 2021
What was your experience?

I have been diagnosed with a mood disorder which I assume points to bipolar with psychotic features because I experienced psychosis two times over the past 11 years (2010 and end of 2020).

The second time it happened I was on sertraline without a mood stabaliser and a few weeks in I went into full blown psychosis and needed to be hospitalised. The doctor said it was because of the sertraline.

I know this might not matter, but I really feel I don't have a mood disorder but another psychotic disorder like schizophrenia. I do remember spending money, having lots of thoughts and ideas, trying to run away to America, etc but most of my time in hospital is blank. I just don't remember 90% of what I did. Is this quite common?
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