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Have I made a stupid mistake?



Mar 22, 2009
Its been a while since my first post and not too much has changed. I still feel lonely despite being busy with exams. I havent been drinking in a while for the same reason and it may have improved my mood slightly or at least my control of my emotions and rational thinking. However I just feel so disillusioned at the moment.

I havent had a single relationship and the girl Ive been interested in for the past 6 months is disappearing straight after exams to Greece and Ill probably never see her again. We kissed around three months ago when we were both drunk and afterwards when I told her what happened we agreed to just forget about it as she couldnt remember. But I really didnt want to. At a later party I played a question game with her and she lost. Her forfeit was to buy me a drink and I had planned to use this as a way to ask her out but I let time drag on that term and its been hectic this term since exams are upcoming. She lives in another country out of term so it was a pretty far fetched idea anyways but Im now regretting procrastinating so long.

The ridiculous thing is that she might have said no or I may never have plucked up the courage but Ive had it in my head that she would have said yes.

I only found out about this tonight and its just got me down so I thought Id share. I just feel so lonely and Im sick of it and Im sick of being so pathetic and scared that I cant ask a girl out.


It's not pathetic that you can't ask a girl out. For a society where women want to be equals we leave it an awful lot up to men to make the first move!

Next time you meet someone you like get to know them as a friend and then if the attraction is mutual things will happen naturally.

And relax, women aren't an alien race honestly x


hello there,

why not send her a real ice email, just askingher for coffee, before she leaves for Greece.

You never know, she might say no, but the angst of not being sure is just not worth it. So take the chance, and then yes, you get toknow her better, and if no..... then at least you tried.

There is always someone for everyone out there, or so my mother said, so why not go try.



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Nov 6, 2010
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An ice e-mail? Not sure about that. He may get a frosty reception *bad, bad, baaaaaad joke*. Ask her for her new number, or new address so you could write to her. Tell her how bad you'll miss her. A guy who shows a sensitive side, is a good thing.

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