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Have any serious anxiety sufferers attempted suicide because of it?



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Aug 16, 2009
hi sundaymorning, i understand your words so well. i really do. for what its worth, i can only wish you peace. you're not on your own friend. i just wish i could do something to help.


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Sep 1, 2009
A very good post fuzzylogic. Worries about my mum held me back from even more suicide attempts. She died in March, and now I live in supported housing. There is little holding me back now, just clinging to a few last rays of hope.


Sep 29, 2009
I couldn't bear the thought of the few people i care about blaming themselves in any way, if i finally ended it.
best thing to do is things that might result in death. smoking and motorcycling being my faves, along with risky sex with strangers. that way people with think you only have yourself to blame.
drink takes too long and looks like a sympathy/attention thing once your upto a litre of spirits a day. keep it deadly and keep it dark. :mad:


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Oct 17, 2009
hamilton scotland
when i was 25 and 28 i stood on top of a bridge thinking about jumping but just thinking of my parents and brother granny getting the news stopped me no matter how low you are feeling its not worth the pain it would cuase your family even if you think they hate you they brought you into the world and dont deserve that unnesesery grief taking your own life is a selfish thing no matter how tough your life appears to be with life there is hope now we have a voice on the internet that wasnt there for me years ago and if im down there are agood few sites like this out there to let us air our thoughts thgere is always someone listening all over the world scotland usa australia canada france wherever you may be think choose life:tea:


Oct 23, 2009
I've been suicidal and depressed for a long time. With me though, it has been so long now and it's been a major part of my life, that I've become so tired of it that I have somehow managed to just completely reject the idea of it.

When I was 19 I was really depressed and thought about killing myself and back then, I didn't have the clear thought that, "This is just my mind malfunctioning". I then took anti depressants for many years and feeling so much better while on them put it all in to perspective for me and made me realise that I should never kill myself because one day I'm happy and I look back on my depressed days and think to myself, "My god what was I thinking?!"

It since all went a bit haywire for me because the anti depressants stopped working for me so I've struggled for the past several years, constantly fighting with depression, but also struggling really badly with social phobia. It's been terrible for me and completely destroyed my life.

However, I still get very depressed and have suicidal thoughts sometimes, but like I said, it's been such a long ongoing thing now, I've learned to just immediately reject the idea of it. I feel really bad but I just carry on doing whatever and try my best to get through it. Usually once I've had a good night's sleep I feel better the next day anyway. But the moral of the story.. :p for me at least, is that this stupid depression has hung over me so long now, I've got the measure of it. It's not fooling me anymore. It's like some kind of con man that tried to destroy me years ago but now I know it's little game... It fooled me once, shame on depression, but it fooled me twice and I realised. Now after it constantly trying to fool me a thousand times, it's just like a pathetic annoyance and I shrug it off and reject it. Don't get me wrong, it makes me feel completely terrible and worn out, but the whole time I am just easily rejecting it all and I even end up watching TV and chuckling to myself. I feel like I'm just standing up to it like a bully, and then it backs down because it's a chicken... So like this I have beaten it for years.

I wonder if maybe other people could get like that after a while. It's getting easier for me now because I'm in my 30's now so I've been doing it for so long. I feel like I can deal with my depression now and I haven't even been taking any medication for the last 3 years. I bought a book recently too, CBT, which I think I can now use to help me combat the depression even better.

Although... besides all this which I consider very positive for me... I have an additional problem of this social phobia which I am having an extremely hard time with.
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Nov 21, 2009
I've suffered from ludicrous anxiety since I was old enough to crawl, and because of this look forward to death like normal people look forward to a Caribbean cruise. However, I am too scared to make attempts myself to die because if they fail you will wake up in an emergency room where hospital staff loathe suicide attempters, and you will live on with the same problems as before and new ones in the form of internal organ or brain damage. I really believe assisted suicide should be available to everyone and anyone over the age of 18 who wants it, and in my option anyone who opposes is an irritating 'do-gooder' Christian who wants to impose their will on others, and who are so astounded by and afraid of the idea of death, they cannot grasp why others who are more intelligent than, and have been through more than them, do not share their horror of death and even embrace it.

Any mention of desire to do suicide and out come the dramatic Tony Robbins-like meaningless motivational speeches with no substance.
I've certainly thought about it a fair bit (especially in more recent years) and I played around with a knife/razor, scratching at my wrists before.

...I wanted to say that I totally get where you are coming from.

I get the desire of people to tell those considering suicide to "not give up" and give all those "never give up" speeches and basically be so anti-suicide.
...However, one thing they seem to miss is just the fact that you want to be heard.

That life for some involves continual pain and suffering. And people who don't understand this really can't claim to be experts, or therefore so ANTI-suicide and preachy about it.

For one thing, there's a bit of hypocrisy involved: since people can be judgemental of those who try or want to try suicide; and yet when the person is suffering through life these same people are nowhere to be found. They won't permit, by their "moral" standards, a person to choose to end their own life, but they seem, at the same time, to demonstrate apathy as far as a person suffering throughout their life.

Social anxiety/phobia has to be right up there with one of the worse kinds of problems to suffer from. I think it's got to be something like being a quadraplegic in certain major ways; simply because a person is basically handicapped and paralysed as far as expressing their personality, and even experiencing their personality. -Since, in the absence of relationship, in a major sense an individual doesn't even exist.

...And likewise: what of "living death"...?

(Another thing with mental illness is how very much in the dark it is. How the average person not only does not understand or really relate, but even stigmatizes those who have it. -So a person suffers, to some degree, the insult on top of the injury. ...a "social leper" ...perhaps that's why most people with a mental illness die in their 50s.)

And now to me: I am so thoroughly tired (vexed??) with having precious little to no social life; including no experience of having had a boyfriend, a struggle for years with emotional problems and anxiety that, even when more mild, still saw me miss-out on making a new friend (for over a decade now), and also for years, being unemployed and then being fired from jobs when I pushed my self to get out there.

At 31 years of age now, I've decided to do away totally with shame (that when younger stopped me from admitting defeat to this thing) and I'm trying all the things I can to get my self out of this prison cell.
...Namely: I've signed up to do group therapy CBT (my shrink was basically useless therapy-wise... that's another story); I've joined a social group for people with extreme shyness and/or social phobia; and I'm basically keeping my eye out for if/when I slump back into anxious feelings (mostly in a work environment since i have no social life) so that I can begin back on medication straight away.

...And, in my mind, this is basically my "bucket list". -Along with, other things I want to try and accomplish; including: I want to paint pictures, at least a dozen (since I am or was good at art), and I want to travel somewhere once more.

If by the time I am about 34 or 35 I am not happy with my life -i.e.: if I still have no good relationships (i.e. regular, involved interaction and rapport with at least one other person) then I figure that I will give some serious consideration to committing suicide.

And I want to be practical and thoughtful and methodical about all of this. -Afterall: this is MY life. And I want my life to be worthwhile. I want to be able to express who I am and to experience who I am.
...if I can't then I am already dead, or mostly dead. And I have no desire to stay so for 10 more years, or even longer.

Perhaps there is the chance that some miracle cure could come for me after 36 or in my 40s or 50s -but, it's all down to chance. And enduring day after day -weekend after weekend- with no body to be with, no people to meet, to have fun with -to basically even "feel" who I am with ...that's insufferable.

People who are too hard-lined or judgemental about suicide- and even, to an extent- those who skip over simply acknowledging and listening to the suffering of someone intent on suicide (which, incidentally, alone could probably deter many) -take into account life, but what of quality of life? And what of being half-dead or mostly dead while your alive? -and the sheer sense of lack of the individual's right to experience control over basic aspects of their life and basic aspects of who they want to be...?

...So, till 34 or 35... I'm going to live as much as I can.


That really is the biggest argument mishka that people dont seem to understand is that we has people with poor mh is that we dont have quality of life and that is sad because surely isnt it a persons human right.