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Hate Crime And Cheshire Cops



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Apr 1, 2018
Your a c##t, so called mental health problem, scrounger, go kill yourself, Broadmoor awaits. It is not the sort of message you expect or want on your seventh wedding anniversary but that was awaiting me among my Facebook messages. At the time I was living in Uganda with my wife and stepchildren nationals of that country. The sender of the charming missive was my nephew, a businessman. He did not stop there he had to let me know his political standpoint predictably far right. in his own words UKIP at a bare minimum. In echoes of Donald Trump he referred to Uganda as a tinpot country. Uganda may indeed be poor but it has some of the most friendly people on the planet and is blessed with achingly pretty scenery. Anyway giving his message some thought I considered it to be a hate crime. The so called mental health problem I suffer from is bipolar disorder, I take the mood stabaliser Quetiapine plus various tablets to help me sleep. So I duly contacted the hate crime coordinator for Cheshire Constabulary forwarding his message. In response I got a two line dismissive email which did not even afford me the courtesy of addressing me by name. Not good enough!! so I then contacted the Complaint s Department of the Cheshire Force. After disabusing an Inspector within that department that NO!! primacy does not lie with the Ugandan Police Service when the offender lives 4,000 miles away in rural Cheshire action of a sort happened. A police constable was dispatched to my nephew’s home where he was served with a Police Information Notice (PIN) and a hate incident was logged on the Police National Computer (PNC). Result ?? well of a fashion, my opinion and that of many others is that he should of had his day in court. I guess Cheshire Constabulary is still playing catch up with the concept of hate crime particularly disability hate crime, it still feels like 1400 in parts of that county positively feudal. Things may be changing the Police And Crime Commissioner at the time this happened was a former Assistant Constable of the Cheshire Force so hardly a man to drag the institution into the twenty first century . He has gone and his replacement has made encouraging comments about tackling hate crime. I have moved from East Africa to South East Asia to be precise the city of Khon Kaen , Thailand where I am currently teaching English. This experience will be the basis of another thread.
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Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum
Well done for complaining, the police should take disability hate crime seriously.
Sorry this happened to you.
Take care
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