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Has she taken her meds



Nov 9, 2020
If I'm too happy something is wrong with me. If I'm upset about something I need someone with me because I will overreact and I will get mean. If I talk too fast I'm going manic. If I'm quiet something is wrong and I might be plotting some evil plan. Regardless of any of these scenarios it all comes down to has she taken her meds???

I always thought of myself as a nice enough person. Its not like I run around and kick puppies or when I see little old people with walkers I tip them over anything but my family has informed me I am a mean person. I hold doors for people, always use my manners, let people go in front of me in line if they have fewer items. I have been in really hard times so I love being a believer in pay it forward and I don't stop doing it. I help people if they are struggling in public with stairs, walkers, canes or crossing the road those sorts of things. A nice enough person so when my husband told me I was mean I was shocked so I phoned my daughter and asked her if I was a mean person and she said yes. I was soo shocked I died a little inside. Has she taken her meds?

My daughter explained how I'm very distant, hard to reach. I have a wall/hard shell that I don't let people into my actual me. The only emotion I am good at expressing is ager/rage. The worst thing is to be on the receiving end of my rage. My family really goes into panic mode if I get upset. I have been told I am scary when I am mad from a complete stranger. Has she taken her meds.

I really don't like people. I mean I really don't like people. It is soo hard to people everyday when somedays I do feel like the mean monster my family says I am. I know I can be mean don't get me wrong I just didn't think it would be answered yes so easily or followed with a yes but....only when someone attacks your family or if someone is doing something to hurt someone else. Having to be around people I have to pretend to be interested in things. I don't care about anybody else's life. I am at this job simply to make money not friends. Has she taken her meds?

I wish no bad on anyone but I laugh when stuff happens to people that buggered me over. I simply wish not to people. My experience it doesn't matter how long the friendship or if you are family the time will come you need them but nobody's around. I think I'm in a pretty good mood, haven't had any upsetting things at work and if I did I handled it fine. If I talk about it when I come home I get more animated and excited depending on the situation. That's when my family starts talking mania. Has she taken her meds?

I'm an animated person. I've always been an animated, expressive person. When I was young they just called it hyper active when I was in high school the meds started off and on, many different dr.'s, drugs, diagnosis. My dr saved my life from where I was 10 years ago. Sometimes I feel I could be off some of the meds I'm on because I am on quiet a cocktail everyday but my dr won't take me off some because I smoke pot. This blows my mind. I can get just as calm from smoking a little bit of pot as compared to taking risperidone. I prefer the side effects of pot than risperidone but the family likes the prescription drugs because they make me a zombie, where the pot actually makes me happy. Has she taken her meds?

I've been hospitalized so I know what it's like to have not control of being able to go outside. I've never gone off my meds because I know what life was like before and I am terrified of what I would do. When I got out of the hospital and when I first go diagnosed to deal with it "crazy" jokes were made. Well they are really starting to bug me and I have said things. So now the only time I make a "crazy" joke is when it is meant in a "crazy, I will get you" voice. Then it's fun for me because they have to think twice and I get to think the devious thoughts I'm not supposed to think or talk about, haha haha. Has she taken her meds?

What ever you do do not touch me! I've always had a thing with personal space. This is my bubble and this is yours, if you are within punching distance of a person you are too close. I like to live life ... I don't want to be kicked in the knee so I don't kick people in the knee... Some days I just can't handle the thought of someone touching me nevermind anything intimate with my husband. He is so patient but I know I fail him. Has she taken her meds?

Every morning,
Good morning babe,

Did you take your meds


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Nov 10, 2019
Maybe they don't trust that you will take them? Have you done that in the past?


Nov 9, 2020
Hi Tawny no I have never stopped taking my meds. I am very good at taking them.
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