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Has Psychosis affected beliefs ?



I know of some people who were Spiritual and had a Spiritual type psychosis

I am also aware of people were not Spiritual and did not have a Spiritual psychosis.

I'm interested if a non spiritual person has had a spiritual psychosis ?

And if a spiritual person who has been through a psychosis has lost their faith ?


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Jan 7, 2008
I'm not sure of the answer, i was brought up a catholic but funny enough it didn't figure when i was really ill, however the faith has sometimes given me comfort with living with the diagnosis, maybe i'm more religious but in a more personal way, i'm not impressed with institutional religion considering the way it's treated me


After my first few psychosises, I really needed someone to talk to, but I coudn't think of anyone who could help

IE; a psychiatrist could only give me a clinical explanation and a Priest would only preach

Over the years I clung on to little bits of logic and the justice of it all, but for many years I was too afraid to believe in a Creator

Now 23 years later, I'm back to square one and it's nice to be here

I no longer fear God - if there is One , OR if there are many ?


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Jul 31, 2008
Worcestershire, Great Britain
My beliefs were changed

My beliefs changed as a result of my son, as I said somewhere else.

I had Orthodox Jewish beliefs before my son started preaching Sabbatarian Biblical Unitarianism at me. Biblical Unitarianism (not Unitarian Universalism) is where the Father is G-d alone. He told me of his world, where the war between Judeao-Christianity and Christendom became full blown war, leading to the Destruction of Terra. This was avoided by time-travel later on.

I was a Biblical Unitarian for a year, before my son announced that he was a Jew. I subsequently took up Jewish beliefs once again soon after, as I realised that I should listen to what my head was saying, rather than my son.

Judeao-Christianity of my son's world was fully in line with the beliefs of the Christian Churches of G-d, which I believed to be the true church on Earth, at the time (except for a few beliefs). Christendom was a union of the other Christian churches.

For about a week I thought I was a prophet. It was told to me and rebuked by what I thought was the Holy Spirit of G-d, or even Jesus of Nazareth (known in Heaven as Immanuel, or so I believed) himself.

I haven't gone from no spirituality to spirituality, but I have had spiritual experiences as a result of my son (who is not real according to the Mental Health team, hence I am psychotic in their eyes).


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May 28, 2008
I don't believe in god but when i get psychosis i believe things like god is going to make me a saint if i stop my benefits. Which is pretty stupid when you don't even believe in god.


Thanks scooby, that's interesting

It's not stupid, it's more like a different ....Logic


To twylight.

I think it is possible that people wit a severe mental illness may lose their faith.It depends how strong it was before the illness. alsoI think it leps if one knows as mu ch about the illness as possible. Noeof us are perfect, and Mental illness can be viewed as a disability, but ususalyy an unseen one, so there is too little su pport from friends and relatives, who are also affected by the person;s illness, and hae difficulty in coping.:)
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The 'Born again psychosis'

I was in a deep psychosis a few years ago and was convinced that I was 'born again'.
I considered that I might be Jesus ( as a lot of schizophrenics do ), and was worried about eating Pork and then worried about eating anything.
I convinced myself that i was 'Born again British',and then I could eat anything and do anything to Win
Thought that might be useful to someone, sometime - somewhere ?
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