Has anyone tried electroshock therapy?



Sep 16, 2017
I am considering getting electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Is it effective, and how was recovery for you? Did it change you in some way? I mean to ask if it changes your personality and functioning. Are the changes permanent?

I don't want to go back on meds because of the side effects and because I doubt that they have really worked.

I stopped taking olanzapine 3 months ago after gaining weight and finding out about its effects on cholesterol and lipids. And also because I feel like I still get manic symptoms on the drug, though more subtle.

Even on olanzapine, I was obsessive and impulsive, collecting overpriced shoes from online sellers. I just had to have them. I constantly checked the sellers apps because I felt compelled to do it. It wrecked my finances as I was not able to set any money aside. It disrupted my work because I'd be checking browsing and messaging sellers during work hours.

There was also a man whose Facebook I kept checking over a period of time, I met him briefly on an online dating site.

I used to be on serotia and sodium valproate. I slept well but I still had manic symptoms, again in the form of shopping and collecting. I was collecting luxury candles at the time and was unable to set money aside. I was buying them very quickly, I've had to give some to my sister because I had so much. I wasn't burning through all of them either.

I have been reading about lithium and how it is the gold standard for treating mania. But I hear it is toxic and causes weight gain.

Like mania, my obsessions and impulse to collect subside after a while (usually several months to 2 years). Then they start again. They also change. Collections I've had in the past have included expensive lingerie and high-end makeup. It's always expensive stuff and I feel it's because I get delusions of grandeur when I'm manic.

I have not told my psychiatrists (I've had two over a two-year period) because I was afraid that they would just up the dose, making me feel more sluggish during the day and making me gain more weight.

And also because I doubt if I can tell the difference between normal and abnormal behavior - I think that maybe I just need to know how to manage my finances, and that it isn't mania.


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Jan 7, 2008
if your asking which ect or modern drugs, i'm not a fan of modern drugs that are addictive and have side effects, nor having had ect am i a fan of that

in a perfect world well that doesn't exist


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Oct 8, 2018
I have had 3 separate courses of ECT (the max18 sessions each time). I have also been on Lithium. Sadly like every other treatment I've tried there were no significant improvements for me but the side effects weren't bad. I lost memory and it hasn't come back after time. I had headaches and tiredness but in a strange way it was a relief to be anaesthetised and switch off and staff in the hospital said I was better on the ECT days. I didn't gain weight with Lithium but some hair loss, metallic taste, sore jaw and drowsiness. It is dangerous so be wise taking it! Hope that helps.

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