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Has anyone had any delusions about their partner cheating on them?



Jan 27, 2021
By the time I realised it was a delusion I had broken up with him ... Has anyone had the same happen to them?


Dec 9, 2020
By the time I realised it was a delusion I had broken up with him ... Has anyone had the same happen to them?
anyone can have false intuitions. our intuition can be wrong about something but it can feel true because it believes it. you can actually pass a lie detector if you say something false as long as you believe it. the feelings are only as true as the belief they are coming from. and often we only realize it was wrong in hindsight.

trauma can remove the ability to think clearly. and when something triggers our trauma we may regress back to that state. and relive it in our mind like a flashback. there was an episode of twilight zone where a guys daughter was sexually assaulted and then afterwards she pointed a man out to her dad and said he did it. the dad killed the man. but then at the end of the episode she pointed to another man, and another, and another. then the dad realized he probably killed the wrong man.

Lab rat

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2020
It’s not so much as a delusion, it’s more paranoia. A delusion would be more along the lines of “he can lay golden eggs” then going on a spending spree.

You can get non-bizarre delusions but it would have to be coupled with paranoia.

Anyway, enough of me going off on a tangent. You obviously had feelings for him, or you wouldn’t care you broke up. Does he know about your illness? Do you even want him back? Or is it a relief?

Whatever, it’s a lesson for the future. When I get paranoid about my wife having an affair, I openly accuse her, but change person x to something bizarre. In 20 years I’ve only ever accused her of having an affair with frank spencer, bill oddie, Albert steptoe and Arthur scargil. When I make these accusations, she knows the paranoia is running high and it’s time to do something about it.

When you meet the right person, you get security and paranoia is out of the ordinary. When your relationship is new, anxiety runs amok and causes all kinds of problems which are just magnified a thousand times by the illness. Unless it’s a one night stand, or I’ve decided it’s going to be a very short relationship, I’m up front and tell the girl I’ve got schizophrenia. But no two people are the same and it may effect me radically differently to you, so we usually spend a night explaining MY illness and telling stories of the things it has made me do.

It’s a minefield! If you want him back, it’s time to pursue it (no stalking though) if you feel you dodged a bullet, it’s time to move on. Good luck!


Dec 9, 2020
By the time I realised it was a delusion I had broken up with him ... Has anyone had the same happen to them?
i had a gf once that was paranoid about me cheating on her. even though i never did. it was because in her mind she didnt think she was good enough for me. so she imagined that i was unhappy with her and always wanting other girls. she would slap me every time a pretty girl walked by. eventually she started screaming and throwing things at me too. she became abusive. it was basically just low self esteem causing paranoia. funny thing was after we broke up she told the cops i abused her an they arrested me and i ended up pleading guilty because i was busy working in another city and didnt have time to fight it in court.
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