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Has anyone experienced somatic delusions?



New member
Nov 18, 2017
Has anyone experienced somatic delusions?

I struggled with believing that magic was real and magicians were putting dog wee inside me so I was weeing out dog wee, pop corn inside my stomach which changed my wee to smell like pop corn, putting baby animals inside my abdomen, butting a baby foetus inside me and kept taking it out and putting it in other ppl then putting it back inside me calling it baby sitting and playing ball, I got told not to write and I was laying on my bed one night journaling and my right hand was twitching I kept writing I felt like I was being told to stop and Then I felt a stabbing pain so sharp it felt like he stabbed me and I went to the toilet and I was bleeding I was so scared I felt like I was in danger someone was hurting me so I went to the police station they called ambulance and I ended up in hospital for two months, I believed I was pregnant because every time I layer on my bed it felt like I was being touched and someone was having sex with me it felt as real as real sex but more arousing it was frightening because it felt like rape because it was forced penetration and touching. I believed I could get a disease or pregnancy I went for tests just to be sure. But I still believed I was pregnant.

Just looking for ppl who may have experienced something similar


I have tactile hallucinations that feel sexual sometimes, I think its similar to whats going on with you. I view it as something happening in my past or use it when I'm turned on, since I haven't found a way to turn it off completely. I was raped and have had sex in the past so, it might be why I view it this way.
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