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Has anyone experienced a Psychiatrist that does not give the whole picture?



Has anyone experienced a Psychiatrist that does not give the whole picture?


On several occassions I have been confused as to why Psychiatrists have prescribed some treatments and medication to me without giving me the 'whole picture' as to why they are prescribing it.

I can only talk from personal experience here, and no psychiatrist has given me their point of view, in my experience they dodge the question or validate their reasoning 'in hindsight'. However I am lucky enough to have more than a psychiatrist involved in my care and have been surprised at the differing opinions differing professionals give as to why they have prescribed certain things for me.

For example. I was once prescribed a medication, because I suffered with anorexia. Because i was desperate to get better, I let my psychiatrist know that I was struggling with my anorexic thoughts and this was hindering me in my recovery. My psych prescribed a medication that i did not really question at the time. The premise that they presribed it was that it would help me with my anorexic thoughts. However after discussing it with other professionals they highlighted that it was also because this medication stimulated appetite and helped induce sleep which I was also suffering a lack of. This was never revealed to me by my psych in the first instance when prescribing it. I felt somewhat duped. Maybe I'm wrong but I did.

Again I recently explained to my other psych that I was suffering with lack of sleep and they prescribed another medication. Upon speaking to other professionals involved in my care (because I was hesitant about taking it for other reasons), they suggested that the Psych prescribed it because it would actually increase the effectiveness of another prescribed medication I was taking. In fact they were surprised that it had been prescribed as a sole solution to my lack of sleep, although it does have that side effect. They thought the real reasoning for prescribing it was that it would also help alleviate some other symptoms I am suffering from too.

I am not in anyway dismissing their reasons for giving the medication to me, but I am most upset that they did not reveal their other reasons for giving me that type of medication in the first place and how it may help my other symptoms. I feel that I am an intelligent person and somewhat feel duped by them and somewhat patronised. I feel that they are treating me like a child just telling me what they think I want to hear, without giving me the whole holistic view of why they are prescribing me a certain medication and its effectiveness on other symptoms I am suffering from.

If I go to my GP with a physical problem in my experience they will tell me if any medication they prescribe will have a positive healing effect on another problem I may have. Why do my psychiatrists not treat me in the same way?

I understand that GPs sometimes do not give the worst case scenario when it comes to testing people for things because in most cases it does not come to that and would cause undue worry. However when it comes to my mental health I know what my diagnosis are, why do they not give me the whole picture about certain medications they are prescribing?

To me it feels as if they are on an ego trip. I know this is an extreme view to take but that is how I feel after they have treated me which results in me feeling like an idiot.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing?
Am I alone in this, or is it that I have been most unlucky with my psychs and the way they describe treatments to their patients? :confused:
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Dec 15, 2008
Hey Sapphire - reading this it sounds to me that your psych has tried to do something to help you - I am not sure but for instance Mertazapine increases appetite and also has sedative effects so taking at night time helps you to get to sleep.

I would have thought if you were struggling with your anorexia that the psych might just say prescribe a drug like mert to help with your symptoms.

I usually find that the psychs I have seen explain (maybe not in full) why they are putting me on a certain type of medication, but I am not sure they all do - I also saw one in crisis intervention that just shouted at me prescribed and walked out!:eek:

Take care


The workings of the brain are incredibly complex & largely unknown - drug prescriptions are largely experimental & a very hit & miss affair - we are all very individual in our physiological & psychological make up. I don't see how a psychiatrist can know the coo? I have never been under the impression that any of them have got much of a clue of what they are talking about.

Psychiatrists have a lot of training with the DSM & prescribing drugs. They basically match 'symptoms' to documented drug effects - i.e. - Depressed ~ prescribe anti D's, ~ Psychotic ~ prescribe anti psychotics ~ Not sleeping ~ sleeping tablets. If things don't improve - increase the doses & try other meds/methods. The rest is forcing compliance - CPN's giving depots, hospitalisations etc. I don't see anything mysterious or complex in the job description. I don't see much in these methods as being particularly effective or therapeutic either, but that's the way the system is.

Some psychiatrists I have met have been more intelligent & caring than others, some have been more professional than others. But I don't have much regard for them or their methods - I never really have done, & with psychiatry in it's present form, I don't think I ever will.

quality factor

Hi Sapphire,
In my early experiences of a psychiatrist (many years ago), he listened to me on a home visit and didn't explain the situation to me unless I pinned him down directly. However in the end he just prescribed 15mg of Valium and off he went. This prescription was to eventually cause me great problems in being dependant. He did not give a firm diagnosis.

A firm diagnosis only came 15 years later after seeing 3 more psychiatrists. My psychiatrist for the last 3 years was the most arrogant man I have ever met and he was definately on an ego trip. He changed my then firm diagnosis on seeing me once and without taking a history, I had no end of problems because his view to medication was a catalyst to inducing my symptoms of epilepsy again, I was taken off the road by the DVLA for 14 months and caused me great distress throughout the 3 years.
My hand was forced in to seeking a second opinion, because I had the conviction to question his diagnosis and medication regime. The results of the second opinion concurred with my previous dx of bipolar2, but he was so arrogant he would not even accept the dx from his senior colleague.
Now I am fortunate that he has left his post and a new consultant has seen me. He spent 1hr 20 mins with me ,listening to me and the medication regime was dicussed and agreed upon between us. He explained everything as he went along and was happy for me to challenge him. He even asked ME when I waned to see HIM, not just dishing out the next appt....He was a breath of fresh air.

I have always treated psychiatrists with respect, but in the same vein, I have always exerted my right to question,after all it's my life they are playing with. You have every right to know what they prescribe and why and what are their reasons for doing so.



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Jan 7, 2008
I thought all psychiatrists were like that, you can never pin them down, i've gone in with questions asked them and the only thing i come out with from the whole interview is "if you stop taking the meds, you'll be sorry, we'll sort you out proper" not in so many words


I'm sad that i'm not the only one.
I'm now quite upset because I found out today that the drug he prescribed is used for treatment of bi-polar, schizophrenia, psychotic episodes and dementia even though I do not suffer with any of them.

I did not ask him for a treatment to help increase the effectiveness of my current meds, or to increase appetite, as I was fine as I was, I am considered by all my professionals as very well, including him.
All I asked for was something to help me sleep better. In fact everyone including my GP were surprised he prescribed it at all.

Now i'm experiencing side effects like numbing of my emotions. I do not experience extreme emotions unless I'm depressed, and I am not overly depressed right now, I am in fact quite happy. I'm really upset because it is numbing the happiness, I feel it has been taken away from me when I worked so hard to achieve it.

I'll have to speak with him, i just hope I can get an appointment soon.

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